Annual Progress reviews

What happens if my student is on a suspension of study or approved absence during the review period?

During Annual Progress, students will be sent a link to access APR forms online via MyCampus.  APR arrangements will be made by the relevant School following return from suspension. The student will not be permitted to register for the next session until the APR has been completed online.

What happens if my student is on Research Furth or is unable to attend the review in person?

Reviews for students on Research Furth are compulsory and may be conducted remotely via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. 

What are the options for students at the end of the minimum period of study?

‌‌‌The minimum period of study is 3 years for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students. At the end of this period the student may submit their thesis. If additional time is required the options are as follows:

1. The student requires minimal supervision and can register as thesis pending for the next session. Students should upload a Completion Plan, which has been agreed with supervisor(s), to their APR.

2. The student requires more than minimal supervision recommended for thesis pending and should continue to register as a full or part-time student for a defined period of time usually starting on 1st October of the following session. The student’s progress can be reviewed during this period and a change to thesis pending may be approved during the session. A Completion Plan should be agreed with the supervisor(s) and uploaded to their APR. 

What are the options if I am not satisfied or unsure of my student’s ability to progress?

The options are as follows:

1. The student is not permitted to register for the following session until;

    i. Additional work is submitted to the satisfaction of the supervisors before 1st October
    ii. A further review is carried out before 1st October

2. The student is suspended from further study. This is an option if your student is experiencing medical or financial difficulties. An application for a suspension of study is required.

3. The student is withdrawn from the PhD programme. In this case a recommendation would be made to the College PGR Committee where the final decision on withdrawal would be made. Documentation to support the decision would be required.

What is the procedure if the end date of the minimum period of study is not at the end of a session

The expected end date normally coincides with the start of a new session i.e. 30th September however this can change or be different for a number of reasons including:

  1. The start date was not 1st October
  2. The student has a had a period of suspension of study
  3. There is a change from full-time to part-time study or vice versa

If this is the case it is important to take action to ensure registration for thesis pending is managed correctly. For example:

Your full-time student has a start date of 1st October 2020 so the standard expected end date is 30th September 2023. They have a 6 month period of suspension so their end date changes  to 1st April 2024. Your student will attend a review in April/May 2024 and progress will need be reviewed again prior to April when a decision about moving to thesis pending can be made. The Graduate School will contact you three months before the end date to remind you to do this.

Further Annual Progress information