PGR Code of Practice

PGR Code of Practice

Download: ‌ 2018/19 PGR Code of Practice (revised for September 2018)

The University of Glasgow recognises that research students make a vital contribution to our institution’s research output, culture and international reputation as a dynamic, competitive, research-led university.

The University has agreed that some aspects of a postgraduate research student’s experience are common across all disciplines.  The University’s Graduate Schools have therefore developed a Postgraduate Research (PGR) Code of Practice, which sets out guidelines to students and staff about the most effective practice for each stage in a postgraduate student’s life.  These are the expected standards that all staff and students should maintain. 

It is important that postgraduate research students:

  • receive the highest quality of support from University staff;
  • are encouraged and supported to have an excellent student experience;
  • have access to the correct information and resources to facilitate the satisfactory completion of their research;
  • develop the skills needed for their future careers;
  • are aware of their roles and responsibilities as well as those of their supervisors and other University staff.

Summary of important changes to the 18/19 Code of Practice

  • New Section 7 on Student Wellbeing
  • Changes to Section 9 to include some guidance for ‘alternative format’ theses, such as those that include journal articles
  • Updated Section 10 on Intellectual Property to provide clearer guidance
  • References added to the new Student Contract and Student Privacy Notice
  • References added to 'documentary appendices' (material submitted alongside but which does not form part of the thesis)