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eSharp is an international online journal for postgraduate research in the arts, humanities, social sciences and education. Based at the University of Glasgow and run entirely by graduate students, it aims to provide a critical but supportive entry into the realm of academic publishing for emerging academics, including postgraduates and recent postdoctoral students.

One of our aims is to encourage the publication of high quality postgraduate research; therefore all submitted articles are anonymously double-blind peer reviewed as part of the acceptance and feedback process. This rigorous and constructive process is designed to enhance the worth of postgraduate and postdoctoral work. 

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The Kelvingrove Review

The Kelvingrove Review (ISSN 1757-2649) is a sister publication to eSharp.

In line with eSharp's commitment to publishing innovative and rigorous cross-disciplinary academic research, The Kelvingrove Review offers a site for critical analysis of recent scholarly work in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and education.

Each issue of The Kelvingrove Review has a theme, often linked to that of the current issue of eSharp

Join the teams

eSharp also engages in training postgraduate students in the various tasks that running an academic journal requires. Enhancing both employability and the graduate experience is a key aspect of its aims and objectives.

Both publications always looking for enthusiastic postgraduate students to join the team.

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