Biomedical Engineering

Why Biomedical Engineering?

A.VukBiomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow is the first such undergraduate course offered in Scotland, based on the University's extensive expertise in biomedical engineering developed over many years. The course is a fusion of different engineering disciplines and lectures and laboratories will be provided by staff from Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering divisions from the School of Engineering in conjunction with staff from the School of Medicine and also Biomedical and Life Sciences Staff.

The research activity in the University includes biomaterials, biomechanics, bionanotechnology, biosensors, Lab-on-a-Chip, medical electronics, modelling of the mechanical properties of biological tissues, rehabilitation engineering. The engineering applications considered will include joint replacements, artificial heart valves, implantable sensors, investigations of the response of biological cells to the surfaces with which they come in contact, dental implants, medical imaging etc.

Biomedical Engineering involves the application of engineering principles to the biomedical field, thus includes biomechanics, biomaterials, biofluid mechanics, medical electronics and has applications through medicine and dentistry.