How to apply

Entry in 2023

Full-time students must apply through the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The University will accept Centre or Teacher Assessed Grades in lieu of exam results.

SQA applicants who are eligible for our Widening Participation programmes are encouraged to participate in one or more of these programmes, including Summer School, to support your application and the transition to higher education.

International students to Arts, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Science, and Social Sciences can also apply using The Common Application: however, if applying to more than one UK university, we recommend using UCAS. Applications to Dentistry, Education, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine must be made through UCAS.

Application deadlines

  • 15 October: if including Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or also applying to Oxford or Cambridge
  • 26 January: all other UK applicants (unless otherwise stated on the UCAS website)
  • 30 June: international students.

We do not usually accept any applications after these deadlines.

It's your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your application before submission. Requests to correct application content, change degree programme or change college of entry, will not be accepted after these deadlines. This policy is in place to ensure fairness and consistency to all applicants, and no exceptions will be made.

Tuition Fee Status

Tuition fee status is determined by nationality and country of ordinary residence.

If you are a UK citizen living outside the UK for over three years, it is likely that you will have to pay the international fee.

If you are unsure of your fee status, it is strongly advised that you apply by the January deadline. For information about your fee status, please see: Fee status policy.

How soon will I receive a decision?

We will usually respond before the end of March, but a decision may arrive up to early May  Specific detail on when to expect our decision, based on your programme, will be advised in our first communication to you, our Acknowledgement email.

If your qualifications meet our requirements and we believe you could benefit from study at Glasgow, you will receive an unconditional offer.

If you haven’t yet gained the necessary passes for entry to your chosen subject(s), we may look at the qualifications you are taking when you apply and make you a conditional offer.

Will I be interviewed?

An interview will be part of the selection process for: Community Development, Dentistry, History of Art & Art-world Practice, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Teaching, and Veterinary Medicine & Surgery. You may also be interviewed if you’re applying for entry into Year 2 in any subject.

Is deferred entry available?

For Dentistry, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine programmes we are unable to consider applications for deferred entry. In other cases deferring may be possible but it’s not granted automatically.

University Transfers

Transfers from another University to the University of Glasgow will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  1. The applicant has a genuine personal circumstance (illness, bereavement or other family situation) which requires the student to move back to their home town to be closer to family; AND
  2. The applicant would have met the University of Glasgow entrance requirements at the time he/she went to the other institution. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be admitted if he/she was marginally below the University of Glasgow entrance requirements, and they have performed above average at the other institution.


International students to Arts, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Science, and Social Sciences can also apply using The Common Application: however, if applying to more than one UK university, we recommend using UCAS. Applications to Dentistry, Education, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine must be made through UCAS.


Q. I haven’t been able to sit exams because of the Covid pandemic. How will you decide whether you can give me an offer of a place?

A: We will use teacher assessed or centre assessed grades. If these are not available to you please Enquire online at the point of making your UCAS application to check your individual circumstances.

Q. Can I make changes to my application once I have submitted it?

A. It will not be possible to make changes to your application once you have submitted it. Any requests to change course will not usually be considered so ensure you understand the course you are applying for and you have the potential to meet the entry requirements.

Q. I am an SQA Higher applicant, what is the minimum from S5 you will consider for an offer?

A. Generally the minimum from the fifth year to be considered for an offer ranges from BBBB to AABB.

Please search the individual programme pages in the Degree programme A-Z for entry requirements for each degree.

Q. How can I know if I am going to receive an offer?

A. We will equally consider all applicants who apply by the respective deadlines. If you meet the minimum entry for the course you are applying for, and/or you are on track to meet the University’s entry requirements, we may be able to make you an offer subject to available places.

Q. If I am to receive an offer, when can I expect it?

A. You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the University when you submit your application. Your acknowledgement letter will stipulate the timing of the offer that may be made to you.

Q. Do you know what fees will apply to an applicant applying from an EU country now that the UK has left the EU?

A. EU students that meet our criteria for EU Fee Status for 2021/22 and beyond will have an International tuition fee applied and may require to obtain a student visa to study in the UK.

Fee Status, tuition fees and immigration requirements will be advised in your offer letter. Find out more in our Fee Status Policy

Q. I am unsure about my fee status and the level of fee I will pay for my course?

A. If we are able to make you an offer your fee status will be made clear on your offer letter. If the fee status is not as you expected, it will be possible for you to request a fee status assessment by completing an online form. Instructions will be in your offer letter.

Q. Do you consider the content in my personal statement in deciding whether you will make me an offer?

A. All information included in your application form is very important towards considering whether we can make you an offer. The information you provide in your personal statement may be considered for subjects that are high in demand and will definitely be considered for the professional subject areas such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.

Q. Will you consider my application if I have re-sits?

A. We would recommend you do a re-sit when the re-sit you wish to take is required as a mandatory subject, and you do not currently have the grade required. Re-sit applicants will be considered for an offer on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Do qualifications have a shelf-life?

A. We would recommend that if your qualifications are older than seven years, you undertake a course in preparing for University studies such as the GU Access course, SWAP Access course, OU credits.

Q. Where can I find out which subjects the University considers as a Humanities and which ones it considers as a Science?

A. This list can be found in the Scottish Highers tab at Admissions Policy

Q. Are they any subjects that I may have studied that would not be considered?

A. We list how subjects are categorised. We cannot always consider applications and make offers where there are more than two subjects considered as “General” subjects from the fifth year.

This list can be found in the Scottish Highers tab at Admissions Policy

Q. I am an applicant from a priority postcode, will I be made an offer on qualifications and grades alone?

A. No, you will also have to undertake a widening participation programme and the detail of this will be stated in your offer. Please refer to Access Glasgow for more information on our Widening Participation programmes.

Q. How can I send additional documents to the University to do with my application?

A. The University has an applicant self-service portal that you can upload documents to. Details of how to do this will be sent to you in your acknowledgement letter and the relevant documents required will be requested in your offer.

Q. What HNCs are accepted for the different areas of study?

A. Please refer to Higher National Qualifications: HNC or HND

Q. Can I apply for Year 2 entry with an HNC?

A. There are very few areas that we accept Year 2 entry based on an HNC. We do accept applicants with a relevant HNC with an ‘A’ in the graded unit to the MA and BSc programmes in Dumfries. We also have articulation arrangements in place allowing Year 2 entry to Engineering (BEng only), Life Sciences and Social Sciences. Please refer to Access Glasgow for more information on our Widening Participation programmes.

Q. Are there any areas of study that do not accept an HNC?

A. Applications to Accounting, Engineering, International Relations, Law, Mathematics, Psychology do not accept entry with a HNC qualification. For the professional areas such as Dentistry, Medicine, Vet Medicine and Vet Biosciences HNCs are also not recognised for entry.

Q. Can I defer my place?

A. You may request to defer your place only once your place has been confirmed (ie you are an Unconditional Firm applicant), up until 31 August 2021, but it is not automatically granted. Deferrals are not considered for Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine courses and generally not considered for Teacher Education degrees.

Q. If I apply for entry in 2023 because I wish to take a gap year and then change my mind is it possible to have my place confirmed for 2022?

A. No, it will not be possible to change your year of entry once you have applied.

Q. I have extenuating circumstances will I qualify for an adjusted offer?

A. If you have extenuating circumstances that have had a detrimental impact on your studies we will be able to review your circumstances and consider whether an adjusted offer can be made. It will be possible to complete an online form once you have submitted your application. Your extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by a University Panel and documentary evidence will be requested as appropriate.

Q. Do you consider transfers from another University?

A. Generally we do not consider transfers from another University unless there are extenuating circumstances. All transfer requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and where they may be granted entry beyond the first year is unlikely. It is recommended that students currently studying at another UK institution should apply through UCAS for Year 1 entry by 26 January 2022 closing date to ensure that if the transfer request is unsuccessful, you may be considered for Year 1 entry.

Q. I am an IB applicant and I am undertaking the new Maths courses. Are both Mathematics courses within the IB considered for entry?

A. If the entry requirements for your course include Mathematics as a mandatory requirement at HL6/SL6 we will accept Analysis and Approaches. Applications and Interpretations will not be considered where a mandatory Maths at HL6/SL6 is required. However, where a lower level of mandatory Maths is required such as for applications to Psychology and Economics, we will accept Applications and Interpretations at SL4.

Q. I am applying for a course that requires an interview. How will the interviews be conducted under the circumstances of COVID-19?

A. It is likely interviews under the current COVID-19 restrictions will be carried out online. Details of the interview process will be provided in your interview invite if you are successful in being invited for an interview.

Q. Is Advanced Entry available in all subjects?

A. No, Advanced Entry is not available for all subjects. Advanced Entry is established for all BEng and MEng Engineering courses with the exception of Electronics with Music, Civil Engineering with Architecture and Electronic and Software Engineering. It is also possible for Computing Science. If it is not an established pathway we would encourage applicants to apply for Year 2 entry who have outstanding grades. If the specific subject is unavailable for Advanced Entry or your application is unsuccessful, you will automatically be considered for Year 1 entry. You do not have to submit a separate UCAS application.

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