A-Z School directory

Advertising (staff recruitment - see Human Resources below) Patricia MacLaren
Administrative resourcing Jenny Hutcheson
Affiliate appointments (see also Honorary appointments below) Patricia MacLaren
Appeals Head of Subject
Applications for postgraduate research study Ioulia Kolovou
Budgets (see Finance below)  
Building maintenance and repairs Estates & Buildings
Commercial Contracts Jenny Hutcheson
Committees (see individual entries under School Management Group, Graduate Studies, Learning and Teaching, Research)  
Complaints Jenny Hutcheson
Diary - Head of School Melanie Bell
Disability Officer for the School
Assistant Disability Officer for the School
Gareth Beale
Eileen Ritchie
Employability UG Karin Bowie
Employability PG Lisa Hau
Endowments Jenny Hutcheson
Equipment bid Patricia MacLaren
Estates - maintenance Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Estates - resources Jenny Hutcheson
Ethics Ben Colburn
Iain Banks
Michael Brady
External examiners - appointment and expenses Heads of Subject
Finance - budgets Jenny Hutcheson
Finance - general purchasing (also see General Requisition and Request for Travel and Accommodation) Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Finance - staff expenses claims / Student expenses claims Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Furniture requests Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Gender Equality Officer Jane Draycott
Graduate Studies Committee Christelle Le Riguer
Graduate students - School Events Christelle Le Riguer
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Jenny Hutcheson
Honorary appointments (see also Visitors) Patricia MacLaren
Human Resources (initial enquiries) Patricia MacLaren
Internationalisation Officer Stephan Leuenberger
I.T. (support) Arts IT Support
Joint PhD Graduate School
Keys (for staff and student offices) Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Knowledge Transfer Jenny Hutcheson
Learning & Teaching Committee Leigh-Ann Dragsnes
Marketing (marketing activity/budgets) Jenny Hutcheson

Mobility officers (JYA/Erasmus)

Archaeology - Claudia Glatz
Celtic – Geraldine Parsons
Classics – Costas Panayotakis
Information Studies – Maria Economou
History – Julia McClure
Philosophy - Stephan Leuenberger

Office refurbishment Isabel Jones or Ross Crammond
Performance & Development Review (P&DR - see Human Resources above)  
PIP (see Programme approval process below)  
Postgraduate Research Student queries (status, funding, progression) Ioulia Kolovou
Programme approval process (undergraduate and postgraduate) Leigh-Ann Dragsnes
Postgraduate study space (allocation of School resources) Jenny Hutcheson
Progress Reviews (postgraduate research) Ioulia Kolovou
Project Approval Forms (PAFs - see Research grant management)  
Promotions (see Human Resources above)  
Publicity (see Marketing above)  
Recognition & Reward (see Human Resources above)  
Recruitment (students - see Marketing above)  
Recruitment (staff - see Human Resources above)  
Research grant management Jenny Hutcheson
Research Committee Christelle Le Riguer
Research grant management College Research Office
Research leave Patricia MacLaren
Research Project - costings, budgets (see College of Arts)  
Research Project - recruitment Patricia MacLaren
School Engagement Lead Geraldine Parsons
School Management Group Patricia MacLaren
School Meetings Patricia MacLaren
Scholarship availability/School ranking process Ioulia Kolovou
Sickness absence reporting Line manager / Patricia MacLaren
Social media Christelle Le Riguer
Student - course and programme enquiries Programme administrator
Student - data (student numbers, stats etc) Jenny Hutcheson
U.K. Borders Agency matters (staff - see Human Resources above)  
U.K. Borders Agency matters (students) Jenny Hutcheson
Vivas (postgraduate research) Ioulia Kolovou
Website Christelle Le Riguer


Undergraduate programme administrators


Levels 1+2 and Honours

Sarah Finlayson/
Julie Cairns

arts-ug-archaeology@glasgow.ac.uk   +44 (0)141 330 7778

Celtic and Gaelic

Celtic Civ 1+2

Gaelic 1+2

Kirsti-Ann Kerr


+44 (0)141 330 4576


Ruth Burke

+44(0)141 330 4222
Classics Class Civ 1+2
Greek 1+2
Latin 1+2

Eileen Ritchie

+44 (0)141 330 5695


Level 1+2

Sara Murdoch

+44 (0)141 330 2370



Wendy Harvie

+44 (0) 141 330 5692

Information Studies Levels 1+2 Kirsti-Ann Kerr

+44 (0)141 330 4576

  Honours Sara Murdoch Sara.Murdoch@glasgow.ac.uk
+44 (0)141 330 2370


Levels 1+2 Ruth Burke

+44(0)141 330 4222




+44 (0)141 330 2036

Postgraduate programme administrators

Archaeology (MSc)
Ancient Cultures (MSc)
Classics (MSc)
Museum Studies (MSc)
Information Management and Preservation (MSc)


 Gabriele Bergamelli



Philosophy (MSc)
History (MSc)
History: War Studies (MSc)

Kathleen Kennedy

+44 (0)141 330 4523

All research programmes (MPhil by Research, MRes, PhD)

Ioulia Kolovou

+44 (0)141 330 0760

Research programmes administrator

Please contact Christelle Le Riguer for all queries relating to research programmes. You may also find information on research programmes here.

School Management Team

Head of School Professor Michael Brady Contact
Deputy Head of School
Ms Ann Gow Contact
Learning and Teaching Convenor 
Dr Stephen Harrison Contact
PGR Convener
Dr J Adam Carter Contact
PGT Convener Ms Adele Redhead Contact
Research Convenor
Dr Steven Reid Contact
Disability Officer Dr Gareth Beale Contact
Impact and KE Officer Professor Sarah Cook Contact
Gender Equality Officer Dr Jane Draycott Contact
Internationalisation Officer Professor Stephan Leuenberger Contact
Widening Participation Officer Dr Robert Cowan Contact
Head of Professional Services
Mrs Jenny Hutcheson Contact
Head of Subject: Archaeology Dr Kenny Brophy Contact
Head of Subject: Celtic and Gaelic
Mr Gilbert MacMillan Contact
Head of Subject: Classics Dr Lisa Hau Contact
Head of Subject: Information Studies
Dr Ian G Anderson Contact
Head of Subject: History Dr Karin Bowie Contact
Head of Subject: Philosophy Dr David Bain Contact

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