Student Expenses: Pre-Approval Confirmation Template for Budget Holders

Dear Student

I refer to your request for pre-approval of your Student Expenses claim. 

As Budget Holder, I confirm the following in respect of the claim submitted:

1.Spend being claimed adheres to the University’s Student Expenses Policy;

2. I am happy to pre-approve spend up to the amount of £***;

3.The costs related to this claim are to be charged to sub-project ******-01, Description: ‘******’;
(Note: where the claim value is to be split between multiple sub-projects, please use 3.1 to confirm split of costings)
3.1The costs related to this claim are to be split between the following sub-projects, as detailed:
******-01, Description ‘*******’, Value: £***
******-01, Description ‘*******’, Value: £***

******-01, Description ‘*******’, Value: £***

In the event that a student has asked to claim an expense that is outside of Policy, additional information is required to validate this as an exceptional claim item.

* Approval of all exceptions must be included in the pre-approval confirmation to students;
* Please indicate the below in your pre-approval notification:

I note that this claim includes expenditure relating to XXXXXXXXXX which is outwith Policy.  As an exception, I confirm that I am content this expenditure has been justified sufficiently and approve for reimbursement.

Many thanks