Dr Gareth Beale

  • Lecturer in Digital Archaeology (Archaeology)

telephone: 01413305762
email: Gareth.Beale@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

My research investigates the critical and creative use of technology for the documentation and representation of archaeology. My research in this area takes place at the intersection between the digital industries and archaeology and is motivated primarily by the desire to make technological innovation relevant and meaningful in a contemporary archaeological context. Knowledge transfer between disciplines and industries is central to my work and I am always looking to build new links with academic, commercial and third sector partners.

I am co-director of the DiNAR project an interdisciplinary collaboration to develop new forms of immersive experience for the heritage sector. The first DiNAR exhibition 'VikingVR' was installed as part of the York Museums Trust/British Museum 'Viking: Rediscover the Legend' and won the York Culture Award for Excellence in the Media Arts. The second collaboration with York Museums Trust 'Within the Walls of York Gaol' brings together Gareth's interests in 18th century archaeology and immersive technology and will develop new curatorial strategies for the prison cells at York Castle Museum. The project has been awarded funding from the AHRC as part of the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences programme and will be conducted in collaboration with the University of York's Department of Theatre, Film and Television. 

In addition to research into immersive experiences Gareth is also involved in developing digital technologies for community archaeology. The Discovering England's Burial Spaces project has been funded by Historic England to develop recording and archiving tools for burial space research. Working with the Archaeology Data Service and the University of Liverpool the project works with community groups accross the UK to co-design new technologies for digital recording, data management and archving. 

Gareth is co-director of the Basing House project which has, since 2012 conducted archaeological fieldwork investgating the siege and ultimate destruction of Basing House during the English Civil War. He has also worked on fieldwork projects in Italy (The Portus Project), Romania (Noviodunum Project) and Hungary (Százhalombatta Archaeology Project). 


I welcome proposals in the following areas:

  • Digital heritage
  • Digital imaging for archaeology
  • Games and interactive media fort archaeology
  • Immersive experiences
  • Modern and Early Modern archaeology; particularly industrial and institutional

Additional Information

Selected Publications

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