Dr Zoe Bartliff

  • Research Assistant in Data Analysis, Research Assistant, Tutor (Information Studies)

email: Zoe.Bartliff@glasgow.ac.uk

11 University Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QH

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-1644-3151

Research interests

Zoe Bartliff is a Research Assistant working on the Legacies of Stephen Dwoskin Project. She is based at the University of Glasgow and her primary research interests fall within the broad remit of Digital Humanities and, specifically, with the interaction between textual data and contextual culture.

She has a first class MA (Hons) degree in Classical and Celtic studies, specialising in the analyses of mytho-histories and in the evolutions of the Welsh and Latin language. These interests led naturally into her PhD thesis topic: an investigation into the efficacy of computer based methodologies for the analysis of the Medieval Welsh law texts Cyfraith Hywel. Having completed her PhD, she has broadened her early interests by incorporating Digital Humanities research methodologies and specifically how these methodologies can be combined to access, process and analyse textual data.

Her role within the project is concerned with the extraction and analysis of data. As a part of the Digital Forensics and Data Exploration branch of the project she has employed digital forensics tools and combined these with data exploration techniques. She works closely with the Archive team in Reading to enhance access to the digital archival record through the use of these methodologies. Similarly, she has been working with the other branches of the project to fold in Digital Humanities methodologies with theoretical and historical approaches.

She has also been working on the AHRC and Irish Research Council funded IIIF4Research network project, working to deliver project workshops and conducting data analysis on the project survey. She will help deliver the end of project and survey reports.


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The National Archives Testbed project - Co-investigator in conjunction with University of Reading


She has worked within several subject areas in the University, teaching as a GTA across Classical Civilisation, Comparative Literature and Information Studies courses as well as within schools through her work with the Widening Participation scheme and with her previous employment for a well-known social enterprise. She has also done regular guest lecturing within Information Studies and supported convenorship of the level 1 DMIS course.

Courses include:

Information Studies – Honours Dissertation course; Data Analysis, Visualisation and Communication; Introduction to Digital Humanities; DMIS 1A and 1B; Multi-media Analysis and Design A&B; DMIS 2A and 2B; Document Encoding (Hons. and Masters); Description, Cataloguing, & Navigation (Hons. and Masters); Management, Curation & Preservation of Digital Materials, PGT dissertation suppervision for IMP and Museum Studies

Classical Civilisation – Classical civilisation 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and 1A&B BOLD          

Comparative Literature – Comparative literature 1A and 1B   

Additional information

She has been involved with the planning, organisation and management of a several academic events such as the Three Minute Thesis competition in her role as the PGR office intern. She played a key role in developing and delivering the Alt+Shift+Archive symposium for The Legacies of Stephen Dwoskin's Personal Cinema project and supported delivery of two workshops for the IIIF4R AHRC and Irish Research Council Network project. In addition to this, through her job with a well known social enterprise, she was responsible for planning and implementing several high profile corporate and celebrity events, including work with Glasgow Life for National Poetry Day, Aye Write. She worked with local schools, high security establishments and certain Glasgow University societies implementing and delivering a series of awareness raising workshops. Also in this role, she practiced conflict management and networking on an almost daily basis and she was instrumental in the design, implementation and staff training of the new digital administrative system of a new company-wide administrative system.