A guide for staff responsible for publishing web pages using our t4 web content management system.


t4 and our web publishing model 

What is t4?

  • t4 is a Content Management System, or CMS, that is fully supported by the university’s web team and IT Services.
  • It is a web publishing tool that offers the easiest way for members of the university to create their web pages.
  • Presently, over 90% of university websites are published via t4.

What are the benefits of t4?

  • Easy to use
  • Accessed via any web browser
  • Supports the University Visual Identity
  • Imports data from HR, Enlighten and Programme A-Z databases
  • Supports usability and accessibility
  • Improves Google search rankings

Our web publishing model

Publishing through t4 is a three step process

  • When content is approved, it is added to a publish cycle.
  • Throughout the day content is passed from t4 to a staging server. This allows colleagues to view updates on campus.
  • Overnight, content is published from the staging server to the live server where it is publically accessible.

images showing the t4 publishing cycle from staging to live


Training and registration

You can register for t4 in different ways, based on what you need to do. All require some training.

Support and contacts