Web visual identity

Web visual identity

Our web visual identity is based on our Brand Toolkit.


Section header example 700x140

The banner contains the name of your school (or equivalent organisational unit). The text is derived from the name of your parent t4 section.


footer 700x340

The footer contains space for postal, telephone, and email contact details. This is generated automatically from a section named 'Contact us' with a URI of 'contact'.


Navigation is created automatically from sections within the CMS. We recommend that your navigation is kept as concise as is possible and should focus on your users' needs. 

Refer to your training notes for more information. 

Important content can be highlighted using Navigational tiles.

Global navigation

global banner 700x70

The global navigation includes the University marque, and site tools. 

There is also a version for internal pages:

Header for internal pages

Responsive layout

mobile phone view 3kOur website is built with a responsive framework: allowing content to flow into a single column for those using a small-screened device. 

Such users now acount for between a quarter and a third of all visits. You should bear this in mind: it's now more important than ever to keep content short and easy to digest. For help see: Writing for the web.