UX: Improve your website

What is UX?

UX, which stands for user experience, refers to the process of making a website useful and easy to use by its target market.

UX is rooted in having a deep understanding of the user - what they need, their abilities and their limitations. It puts them at the centre of the design process.

Why do UX?

Users must be able to easily navigate our website to find the information they need.

Poor UX is likely to frustrate the user and result in them leaving a webpage as they can’t find what they need. This can reflect badly on the organisation and drive users away from the site.

User testing

User testing is an integral part of the UX process. By observing how people use your website, it is possible to understand why they are coming to your site and whether they are successfully finding the information they want.

It helps to prioritise which pieces of information should be most evident on the site and where they should be placed so they are easy to find.

Carrying out user testing at the University

The university webteam can assist with conducting user-testing on any t4 website. 

If you are unsure whether users are finding the information they need in your webpages, then the webteam can carry out remote user-testing to ascertain this. We can recruit a number of users to test two or three tasks on your site, resulting in recommendations on how to organise your content.

Please get in touch for more information: webteam@glasgow.ac.uk