Our t4 site provides an accessible framework for web content. 

However, you still need to ensure that your content is available to all users, including those with disabilities. 

New regulations on accessibility of websites and mobile web apps came into force in September 2018. For websites published or updated since September 2018, we had until September 2019 to meet these. These regulations mean that all content must be made available in an accessible format. 

Work has been carried out on the page layouts delivered as part of the Web Refresh Project to ensure these meet the terms of the legislation. If you have not yet migrated to this layout, please get in touch with to arrange for this to happen.

If your content doesn't meet the standards of the legislation, you must provide an accessible alternative. 

You should follow good practice when writing, or uploading images, videos and other documents.

The legislation

The legislation covers digital communication by public sector bodies, both internal and external. 

Further reading