Working with content

Save changes / Save and approve / Save as draft

  • Save changes and approval buttonSave changes will add your changed content to the approval process. You can view your approval list in the left-hand menu: 'Content > Approve content'. 
  • Save and approve skips the approval stage.
  • Save as draft appears when you are adding or editing content. It saves a version without adding it to the approval process.

Using section links

For any internal links to other webpages in t4 you should always use a section link: under the links button on the editor:

section link image from t4 editor


Content links should only be used if you want to link to a piece of content created using the story content type, or if you want the destination of the link to be somewhere other than the top of the page.

Using these means the link will not break if the target section or content is moved.

The external link tool should only be used if you are linking to content not in t4.

Revert content to an earlier version using 'History'

  • Select 'Content' > 'Edit content' from the left hand menu
  • Navigate and select the Section that contains the desired Content Item (note: you can skip the first step and do this directly).
  • Click the blue 'Actions' button associated with the desired Content Item and select 'History'.
  • This will display all previously saved (excluding 'save as draft') versions of this Content Item. From the 'Actions' drop down button you can 'preview' an earlier version
  • If you want to revert the Content Item back to this version, choose 'make current' from the blue 'Actions' button.
  • A new pop-up window appears. Select 'Confirm' to make the change happen.
  • You can also select and compare different versions of the Content Item by using the check boxes and the 'Compare selected' button

Create anchors

Anchors allow you to link to a specific part of a page:

Add your anchors and links to the anchors in a single item of standard content only

  • Position your cursor in front of the part of the page you wish to link to - e.g. a subheading
  • Click the link icon in the editor then select 'Insert Anchor'
  • An 'Anchor' pop-up window will display
  • Type a name for your anchor then click 'Ok'
  • Repeat to add more than one anchor
  • Highlight the text you wish to link to the anchor on the page
  • Select 'Insert/edit external link'
  • Select your anchor from the 'Anchors' drop down box which will contain the anchors you have added to the page
  • Link your text to the second anchor using the same process until you have linked to all of the anchors
  • Save and approve your changes

Mirror content to different sections

  • Select 'Content' > 'Edit content' from the left hand menu
  • Select the section that contains the content item that you wish to mirror
  • Select the blue 'Actions' button corresponding to the Content Item that you wish to mirror
  • Select 'Mirror' and the entire site structure of t4 will appear
  • Select the section in which you want to place the mirrored content item
  • You will return to the section where you mirrored the content from. You will see the content item highlighted by a 'Mirror' icon Mirror icon
  • You can then navigate to the section you mirrored the content to. You can check it is there. You may need to reorder it as it will be last Content Item in the section. 

Permanently remove content

The web team must purge content that you have deleted or set as inactive. In order that we do not purge content that you may want to recover later (and also to tidy up the t4 interface for yourself), we suggest that you create a new section called 'Bin'.  You may then move content into this section ready for deletion.

Create and populate a Bin section as follows:

  • Select the Site Structure icon from the top menu. 
  • Choose the blue 'Actions' button associated with your top-level section (usually the name of your college/school/institute/unit or 'home' section) and select 'Create section'.
  • Enter ‘Bin’ in the box called 'Name' and uncheck the box called 'Show in navigation?' and select 'Save changes'.
  • Choose the blue 'Actions' button associated with your new Bin section and select DELETE. This prevents the contents of this section from being published.
  • Anytime you want to permanently delete a section or content item, choose the blue 'Actions' button associated with it and select 'Move'.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Navigate and select your Bin section to move the content or section ready for deletion.

Important: Once the items in your Bin folder have been deleted, they will not be recoverable. The web team will also delete the bin section itself. You will need to recreate this section in order to use it again.


Tables should be used sparingly, and only for tabular data. In general, tables do not display well on small-screened devices, where a vertical flow of text is much easier to read.

Re-order content

You can drag and drop content to re-order it:
re-order content