Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics


The first three years of the Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics course gives you a firm grounding in mechanical engineering plus aerospace-focussed subjects. In the fourth (and fifth for the MEng degree) year, you will take part in substantial projects where you will prove your abilities on large-scale problems.

The type of project you undertake depends on whether you are studying the four year BEng or the five year MEng degree. These projects include:

  • Individual project (BEng) or Team project (MEng) (year 4)
  • Industrial project (MEng, year 5)

You will also complete "mini-projects" in the laboratory sessions of many of the courses.

Individual project - BEng, Year 4

Runbot photo with Mick If you are doing the BEng degree you will undertake a final year individual project in your fourth year. As you progress through each year of the degree you will steadily develop an interest in a particular field of mechanical and aerospace engineering and the individual project is a great way to advance your knowledge and skills in this area. There are a wide variety of projects to choose from and you will have the support and guidance of an academic supervisor that is an expert in the relevant field.

Aerospace Design Project 4 - MEng, Year 4

The aim of the team project in year 4 is for you to gain experience in working in a team that is focused on delivering specific objectives. This will involve you and your fellow team members to design, plan and implement a technical project in a relevant area of engineering. Through the experience of group work and by interacting with your classmates in a collaborative manner, you will develop skills associated with team management and project planning and learn to work to a design brief by creating a product that meets the specifications required.

Industrial Project - Year 5

In fifth year (MEng only) an aerospace-focused individual project forms a major component of the programme, with the possibility of working outside of the University in an industrial setting.