Electronics & Electrical Engineering


Project work is a very important part of the Electronics & Electrical Engineering degree as it helps prepare you for a graduate job in engineering. You will develop skills such as teamwork, problem solving and critical analysis and put what you have learned in the course modules to practical use. Many students find the project work of the degree the most rewarding and the most fun.

Over the course of your studies you will take part in a number of substantial projects, the type of which depends on whether you are doing the 4 year BEng or the 5 year MEng degree. These projects include:

  • Electronic design project (year 2)
  • Team design project (year 3)
  • Individual project (BEng) or Team project (MEng) (year 4)
  • Industrial project (MEng, year 5)

You will also complete "mini-projects" in the laboratory sessions of many of the courses.

Electronic design project - Year 2

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of good engineering practice, using professional CAD tools, in designing and constructing a piece of practical equipment. You will develop analogue, digital and hybrid electronics, produce PCBs, and perform assembly and test. Past projects have involved the construction of, amongst other things, a transistor radio.

Team design project - Year 3

 The Team design project undertaken in year three involves many aspects of electronics, including printed circuit board (PCB) design, microprocessor programming and systems control. As part of a small team you will be tasked to design and build a 2 wheel drive robot that can self-navigate its way around a pre-defined obstacle course. The robot may also have to perform certain tasks, such as detecting the colour of traffic lights or steering clear of metallic surfaces. To construct the circuits that drive the robot you will have access to the electronic component store located within the school, which offers a wide range of components and parts for you to choose from.

Watch a film about the Team design project where 3rd year students had to build a robot from scratch.

Individual project - BEng, Year 4

Runbot photo with Mick If you are doing the B.Eng degree you will undertake a final year individual project in your fourth year. As you progress through each year of the degree you will steadily develop an interest in a particular field of electronics and electrical engineering and the individual project is a great way to advance your knowledge and skills in this area. There are a wide variety of projects to choose from and you will have the support and guidance of an academic supervisor that is an expert in the relevant field.

Watch a film about the final year project "Optimising RunBot" or the final year project "Investigating walking".

Team project EE4 - MEng, Year 4

The aim of the team project in year 4 is for you to gain experience in working in a team that is focused on delivering specific objectives. This will involve you and your fellow team members to design, plan and implement a technical project. In doing this you will develop skills associated with team management and project planning and learn to work to a design brief by creating a product that meets the specifications required.