Level 1

Economics 1A
Economics 1B
Introductory Economics

Introduction to Alternative Perspectives in Economics

Level 2

Economics 2A
Economics 2B

Years 3 and 4: Honours

Advanced Macroeconomics

Alternative Perspectives on Topics in Economics

Behavioural Economics: Theory and Applications 

Central Bank Models

Collective Welfare and Distributive Justice

Contemporary Issues in Inequality

Current Economic and Policy Challenges

Econometrics 1: Basic Statistics and Simple Linear Regression 

Econometrics 2: Multiple Regression and Applications 

Economic Growth, Finance and Development

Economics of Banking

Economics of Business 1: Contracts and Governance

Economics of Business 2: Regulation and Business Strategy

The Economics of Housing 

Economics of Industry 1: Basic Theories of Market Structures

Economics of Industry 2: Advanced Topics

Economics of Information

Economics of Poverty

The Economics of Team Sport 

Environmental Economics

Financial Crises

Financial Markets and Asset Pricing

Financial Markets and Corporate Finance

Financial Market Microstructure

Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Firms in Developing Countries

Game Theory for Economists

Government Debt and the Macroeconomy

Health Economics

History of Economic Thought

International Finance

International Trade 

Labour Economics

Macroeconomic Analysis: Inflation, Unemployment and Growth

Market Failures and Mechanism Design

Mathematics for Economists

Microeconomic Analysis: General Equilibrium, Public Decision and Information

Natural Resource Economics 

Public Economics

Economic and Social History Courses for Single Honours Students

The following course is available to students on a Single Honours Economics or Business Economics plan as an outside option even if they have not previously studied Economic and Social History.  Students should be aware though that this course is worth 20 credits.

European Political Integration 1945-1992 

Year 3: non-Honours

These courses are available to students who are completing an MA (Social Sciences) Ordinary Degree, for which 60 credits of level 3 courses are required.

Economics 3: Contemporary Topics in Economics
Economics 3:  Economic Policies and Growth

Service courses

This course is available only to students studying engineering degrees.

Microeconomics E1