Brexit information for Erasmus+ students and Turing Scheme

The UK Government has announced that the UK will no longer participate in the Erasmus+ programmeThe Erasmus funding granted in 2020 will be available to students going on European exchanges and traineeships until May 2023.  

The UK Government will provide a domestic replacement called the Turing Scheme. The details of how the scheme will operate and what it will offer UofG students is not available yet. We will seek to fully participate in the Turing Scheme and will update when more information is available.  

The University remains committed to providing opportunities for our students to work and study overseas and continuing to collaborate with our long-standing partners around the world. 

Freedom of movement has ceased between the UK and Europe. 

Go Abroad students should check information on immigration requirements for their destination on the UK government webpages.

Visiting Students please check our immigration pages for info. 

Students with disabilities and additional support needs

Students with disabilities and additional support needs are encouraged to apply to Go Abroad opportunities.

Some study exchange destinations are more suitable than others and there is additional Erasmus+ funding available.

To know your options visit additional support.

Equality & Diversity

Remember that different countries do not necessarily have the same laws and customs that you are familiar with in the UK. This includes protections under the Equality Act 2010.

If you identify with a protected characteristic group we advise you research the local laws, customs and support provision for minority groups. This includes if you have a disability, are LGBT or from a minority faith or ethnicity in your destination country.

Further information on Equality & Diversity.