Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering projects are a key part of the degree programme, allowing you to apply your newly-developed knowledge to practical tasks.  You will learn how to plan and implement strategies and schedules and develop the key skill of good teamwork.  Project work begins in first year and continues until your final year.

First year design projects

This course consists of several design topics, each comprising one or more projects, which are based on realistic problems.  Depending on the project, you may work either in groups or individually.  You will learn the concept of "engineering design", develop a conceptual design through drawings and sketches, construct physical models from these drawings and acquire presentation and oral communication skills in a design context.

Second year design projects

The second year projects involve 3 separate topics:

  • A geotechnical design project
  • A water-based design project
  • A structural-based design project

These are intended to help you apply the principle and methods of analysis and design to formulate integrated holistic solutions to "real-life" engineering problems.  You will learn to evaluate the success of design solutions and propose alternatives, in addition to explaining problems and solutions via written submissions and oral presentations.

Third year design projects

The third year project involves 3 separate topics:

  • A structural modelling project
  • The multi-disciplinary "INTERACT" design project
  • A geotechnical design project

These are intended to help you build upon the skills gained in your second year projects. The INTERACT project involves collaboration with students of architecture and quantity surveying from other universities, working in small teams to solve real-life design problems, just as you would in a professional engineering role.

Fourth year design projects (BEng)

The fourth year BEng design projects will be a full-time commitment in the first half of semester 1.  You will investigate the construction of a tidal barrage, with relation to maximising power output and minimising environment impact.  You will work in a group, focusing on hydraulic and environmental design, and the ever-important topic of renewable energy.

Fourth year design projects (MEng)

Building upon your structural design skills from previous projects, you will be expected to work on the conceptual and detailed structural design of a small-scale hydro-electric turbine house.

Fourth year individual project

Your individual project in year 4 involves a topic of your own choice.  MEng projects may be experimental or computational in character, while BEng projects may be experimental, computational or dissertational.

Fifth year industrial project (MEng only)

Taking place in the summer between your fourth and fifth years, this project is requires you gain industrial experience with a civil engineering company and produce a report detailing this experience.