Economics 3: Economic Policies and Growth

Economics 3: Economic Policies and Growth

Year: 2018-2019
Course code: ECON3022
Course credits: 30
Taught: Semester 2
Course co-ordinatorDr Eva Pocher

Course lecturers: Dr Eva Pocher and Dr Ning Zhang
Entry requirements: Normally a grade D or above in ECON2001 Economics 2A and ECON2002 Economics 2B.
Available to visiting students: No
Contact for more informationTeodora Racheva


Course description

This course will analyse business cycles, economic growth and stabilising economic policies (eg: increasing employment, stabilising the value of money). Students will learn about fiscal and monetary policy as well as income and market policies. Furthermore, the course will involve some data analysis to measure business cycles and economic growth.


The general aims of this course are:

  • to give students a thorough knowledge of economic growth and business cycles through economic models and data analysis;
  • to equip students with the skills to analyse forms of governmental policies such as fiscal policy, monetary policy as well as income and market policy to influence economic growth and business cycles;
  • to analyse strategies for combating recessions and stabilise the economy.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. reproduce a detailed knowledge of different forms of business cycles as well as their phases using economic models;
  2. explain various reasons for economic growth and employment fluctuations;
  3. illustrate a critical understanding of policies and their effective use;
  4. effectively write to impart information to specialists as well as non-specialists;
  5. analyse and clearly present macroeconomic data, including using spreadsheet packages such Excel. 

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures:  Tuesday and Friday (10.00 - 11.00am) (2 x 1hr lectures x 10 weeks)
Tutorials: 1 x 1hr tutorials x 10 weeks

Tutorials are held at various times and can be selected on MyCampus.

Course texts

Carlin, W. and Soskice, D., 2005. Macroeconomics: imperfections, institutions, and policies. Oxford University Press

Carlin, W. and Soskice, D.W., 2014. Macroeconomics: Institutions, instability, and the financial system. Oxford University Press, USA


1 750-1,250 assignment (25%)
1 500-750 Data Analysis Report (25%)
A 2-hour degree exam (April/May) (50%)