Accountancy & Finance


Level 1

Finance 1
Financial Accounting 1
Management for Accountants
Management Accounting 1: A Business Decision Emphasis
The Accountancy Profession

BAcc students will also study Introductory Economics 

Joint BAcc/Economics students will study Economics 1A in Semester 1 and Economics 1B in Semester 2 in place of Introductory Economics 

Level 2

Finance 2
Financial Accounting 2
Statistical Analysis and Methods
Management Accounting 2: Organisational Performance

BAcc students will also study Business Law

Levels 3 and 4

Accountancy Dissertation
Accountability and Human Rights 
Advanced Financial Accounting
Advanced Theory and Practice of Taxation
Capital Markets & Portfolio Management
Corporate Insolvency
Derivative Securities 
Econometric Methods for Accounting & Finance
Ethics in Accounting & Business
Financial Markets & Financial Institutions
Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation
International Financial Accounting
International Financial Management
Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting
Issues in Accounting Profession
Managerial Accounting in Organisations and Society
Management Control Systems
Mergers and Acquisitions
Public Sector Accounting
Psychology and Financial Markets 
Tax Theory and Practice

Level 1 (non BAcc)

These courses are available to students enrolled on degrees other than Accountancy and Finance.  They are most often taken by second year students as a third subject.

Introduction to Business Reporting & Financial Accounting
Introduction to Management Accounting & Control
Introduction to Finance, Investments & Institutions