Electronics with Music

Why Electronics with Music?

Tristran Gurney playing a violin equiped with motion capture electronics This degree is intended for students who wish to pursue a degree course in electronics whilst maintaining an interest in music.

About one third of the curriculum, given by the School of Culture and Creative Arts, includes music history and repertoire, studio techniques, and modern computer-based methods of audio signal synthesis, processing and control.

The remainder of the course provides a sound background in electronic and electrical engineering, the aim being to prepare you for professional practice or management in music and audio technology engineering, and the design of systems related to the recording, production and processing of audio/music.

You will also have the opportunity to join in one of the many musical clubs and groups that are active at the University of Glasgow. In doing so, you will develop your musical abilities and techniques and meet other musicians in the process. The city of Glasgow itself is a fantastic place to be if you like to attend musical gigs and performances, with around 120 held every week covering every genre.

This unique degree, fully qualifying you as an electronic engineer, is taught jointly with the School of Culture and Creative Arts.