Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Year: 2018-19
Course code: MGT4100
Course credits: 15
Taught: Semester 2
Course co-ordinator
: Dr Alison Smart
Entry requirements: Normally admission to an honours programme in Business & Management.
Available to visiting students: Yes
Contact for more information: Cherisse McLaren

Course description

This course develops understanding of the design and management of supply chains, including supply chain relationships, transportation and managing supply chain risk within and between organisations.



This course aims to provide an understanding of the design and management of supply chains, including purchasing, supply and logistics, within and between organisations. This will include a study of:

  • Relationships in supply chains;
  • The design and implementation of supply chains, including risk, resilience and sustainability;
  • Forms of transportation and issues of security;
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • tools and frameworks used in the sourcing process.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. evaluate appropriate approaches to managing supply chain relationships;
  2. identify and evaluate key features of supply chain design;
  3. analyse supply chain risks and suggest appropriate risk mitigation strategies;
  4. formulate key elements of the sourcing process;
  5. work effectively to solve problems in groups, giving and receiving feedback, to produce an output.

Learning and teaching methods

Practical classes and workshops: 2hrs x 10 weeks. 

Please refer to MyCampus for timetable.


Group Poster 30%
Degree Exam 70%