Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Year: 2018-19
Course code: MGT4013
Course credits: 30
Taught: Semester 1 and 2
Course co-ordinator
: Professor Ozlem Sandikci Turkdogan
Entry requirements: Normally admission to an honours programme in Business & Management
Available to visiting students: Yes
Contact for more informationCherisse McLaren

Course description

The course explains the role of marketing communications and presents the marketing communications tools that can be used in an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) campaign, including emerging communication tools. The course details the process that should be followed from the situation analysis to the evaluation of the campaign.


The aims of this course are:

  1. to recognise the role of IMC in the marketing process.
  2. to provide an understanding of the processes that underpin communications as integral to the creation of effective marketing activities.
  3. to analyse and reflect the changes in the world of marketing communications in today's business world.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the students will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the role of IMC in marketing.
  2. Construct a situation analysis that can be used for the development of an IMC program.
  3. Identify, select and argue the objectives, budgetary and resources required for IMC programmes.
  4. Select appropriate marketing communication methods for particular scenarios.
  5. Evaluate the various marketing communication tools and assess their ability to contribute to the achievement of the IMC objectives.
  6. Select creative and media planning strategies.
  7. Identify and summarise effectiveness measurement issues associated with IMC strategies and programmes.
  8. Explain ethical considerations related to marketing communications.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures: 2 x 2hr lectures x 8 weeks in semester one and 1 x 2hr lecture in semester two.
Seminars: 1 x 2-hr seminars x 3 weeks in semester two.

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Course texts

Belch, G. and Belch M., 2014, Advertising and Promotion-An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 10th edition, Irwin McGraw-Hill.

Shimp T. and Andrews G., 2013, Advertising, Promotion and other Aspects of Marketing Communications, 9th edition, South-Western.




Word Length/Duration

Individual Assignment


3,000 words

Degree Exam


120 minutes