Entrepreneurship 1B: New Venture Planning

Entrepreneurship 1B: New Venture Planning

Year: 2018-19
Course code: MGT1004
Course credits: 20
Taught: Semester 2
Course co-ordinator: Professor Colin Mason
Course lecturersProfessor Colin MasonDr Yee Kwan Tang,  Yang Zhou, Mr Joe Collins
Entry requirements: This course is available to students in year 2 of study or above.
Excluded courses: Entrepreneurship (MGT2014); Professional Practice 5 (MGT5068) and Entrepreneurial Ventures (MGT4019)
Available to visiting students: Yes
Contact for more information: Wendy Weaver 

Course description

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of business organisation and entrepreneurial planning through developing a business plan. 


The course is designed to introduce students to the issues crucial to the development of a new venture, the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial team, and the relationship of the smaller organisation to its environment.  It will also involve developing  understanding of the main functional areas of Marketing, Operations and Finance.  The course will draw on the growing body of research and literature related to business planning and new venture creation.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Prepare a business plan for a new venture start or development.
  • Devise a business model.
  • Present business ideas.
  • Analyse and evaluate business information to identify the viability of a proposal.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the processes and procedures for developing a business.
  • Evaluate the relationship of a new venture to the wider environment.
  • Assess and demonstrate the relationships between the various business functions.
  • Appraise the work of other students.

Learning and teaching methods

3 lectures per week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), 1100 - 1200

Course texts

Bygrave, W D and Zacharakis, A D (2014) Entrepreneurship, Wiley, Third edition.


Assignment (30%)
A 1.5-hour degree exam (April/May) (70%)