Development of International Business

Development of International Business

Year: 2018-19
Course code: MGT4060
Course credits: 15
Taught: Semester 1
Course co-ordinator
: Dr Michael McDermott
Entry requirements: Normally admission to an honours programme in Business & Management
Available to visiting students: Yes
Contact for more informationCherisse McLaren

Course description

The course will examine the development of international business from a historical perspective, looking at the determinants of FDI as well as at the impact of economic crises on foreign investment and international business.

Course aims

  1. Provide an introduction to the key issues and themes surrounding the development of international business
  2. Outline the specific historical and economic context in which international business developed
  3. Critically assess the historical literature on the development of international business
  4. Critically assess the theories explaining the motives for FDI
  5. Explore the effects of economic crises on FDI

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Explain and identify the historical context and specific elements favouring the development of big business and of international business
  2. Critically evaluate the main theories about FDI
  3. Critically discuss the consequences of FDI on both home and host countries
  4. Understand the impact of economic crises on FDI and on the historical development of international business

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures: 2hrs x 10 weeks

Please refer to MyCampus for timetable.

Course Texts

Peter Dicken, Global Shift - Eight edition may be out soon. If unavailable 7th edition.

You can access the recommended readings at The Development of International Business 1870-presentl


An assignment of 2000 words (30%) - will focus on the MNC you have chosen and which has had the approval of Dr. McDermott.

Examination (70%)