Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour

Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour

Year: 2018-19
Course code: MGT4054
Course credits: 15
Taught: Semester 1
Course co-ordinator
: Dr Stephanie Anderson
Entry requirements: Normally admission to an honours programme in Business & Management
Available to visiting students: Yes
Contact for more information: Cherisse McLaren


Course description

The course will develop an understanding of consumer behaviour and will deepen students’ understanding of consumer theory and practice.   


This course aims to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of consumer behaviour, examine the processes of consumer decision-making, consumer expectations, the consumer experience, influences on buyer behaviour and how these may vary across purchase, social and situational contexts, assess marketing implications and practices in enhancing consumer experiences, provide a critical appreciation of existing research in consumer behaviour and understand how to monitor and measure customer experiences across context and use this information effectively and examine the role of the consumer in contemporary society.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able:

1.     Analyse the nature and scope of consumer behaviour.
2.     Define, illustrate and critically analyse the main components of consumer behaviour.
3.     Examine key consumer behaviour terminology, concepts and theories.
4.     Critically evaluate the existing theories of consumer behaviour and their contributions and limitations.
5.     Assess the implications of consumer behaviour theories for business and wider society.
6.     Critically examine alternative ways of thinking about consumers as individuals and within their families, groups and broader cultural context.  

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures: 2hrs x 10 weeks

Please refer to MyCampus for timetable.


An assignment of 3,500 words (100%)