Aeronautical Engineering


You will take part in a number of projects during your degree, applying your knowledge and learning valuable skills such as teamwork and management.  From second year onwards, you will undertake at least one major project each year, and many of the courses involve mini projects designed to test your knowledge.

Design & build (year 1)

As part of the the engineering skills course, you will take part in a design and build workshop. You will work in a team, designing and constructing gliders from balsa wood and participating in a competition at the end of the course.

Design project 2 (year 2)

You will work in a group of approximately 4 students and will be assigned to a member of the teaching staff with a 5th year MEng student acting as mentor/project manager.  You will develop your CAD skills and learn fundamental skills in the aerospace design process.

Aircraft design 3 (year 3)

You will work in a group, producing an aircraft conceptual design study based on the technical specification of a new proposed aircraft.  Your knowledge of performance calculations will be implemented in the consideration of the new aircraft and other aspects of your knowledge base will applied practically.

Aerospace design project 4 (year 4)

Your fourth year group project will have a design theme appropriate to your abilities at year 4 level.  As an example, the project may involve aircraft design for static stability, which may be presented in the context of an aircraft stretch. The aerodynamic performance changes would need to be considered together with aspects of the structural modifications. The design loop would be completed by comparing the operational performance of the stretched aircraft with the original requirement for the stretched or modified aircraft.

Individual project 4 (year 4 BEng)

The fourth year individual project is designed to help you improve your research and design skills in area which interests you.  It simulates the real life work of an engineer and involves more participation by lecturers than any other phase of the course.  At the beginning of the first semester, you will be given a list of suggested general areas of study, allowing you to choose a project to suit your own interests.

Research project 4 (year 4 MEng - standard curriculum)

The fourth year MEng project is designed to provide you with the basic skills required for your high-level fifth year project. You will be given a choice of four generic subject areas to choose from and an academic supervisor with relevant experience.  During the first semester, you will conduct a literature review of your topic and write up a formal report.  The second semester involves a practical assignment using an experimental set up or simulation.

Individual project 4 (year 4 MEng - industrial and European curriculums)
Research project 5 (year 5 - standard curriculum only)
Aerospace group design project 5 (year 5 - standard curriculum only)
Individual project 5 (year 5 - industrial curriculum only)

If you choose to follow the industrial curriculum in your final year, you will undertake your project in the industry.  Previous students have completed placements with companies such as Rolls Royce, Thales and BAE Systems.

European project 5 (year 5 - European curriculum only)

If you choose to follow the European curriculum in your final year, you will undertake your project in a European university outwith the UK.