Microsoft Select 6 scheme

If you need a Microsoft product or service that isn't covered by UofG's Campus Agreement, you can purchase this from the IT Services Admin Office through the Microsoft Select 6 scheme.

Products purchased through this scheme can be used on any equipment owned, leased or controlled by the University of Glasgow.

Products and prices

If the product you need is not listed, please contact the Licencing Partner directly. 

How to purchase through the Select 6 scheme

  1. Download and complete the IT Services Requisition Form. You will need to provide a University project number, and the form must be signed by the budget holder.
  2. Return form to the IT Services Admin Office, James Watt North
  3. A licence agreement will also need to be signed - the IT Services Admin Team will confirm who needs to sign it
  4. IT Services will contact you when your order is ready to collect - usually within 10 working days

Licencing partner

Helen Molloy

Stacey Miles

Softcat Ltd |Universal Square | Devonshire Street | Manchester | M12 6JH

T: 01612725751| E:| ¦ W:



Not all the products available under the Select scheme are supported by IT Services, so please refer to the following information in such cases.

Telephone and fax support

  • Microsoft Connection: 0345 00 2000 - pre-sales product information on the facilities, scope, capability, minimum hardware and software requirements for any Microsoft product
  • Microsoft KeyFax: 01734 270 080 - non-chargeable automated 24-hour fax service for technical documents and information
  • Microsoft KeyData: 01734 270 065 - non-chargeable 24-hour dial-in number using any standard communications package for direct access to software and technical information

Online support

Further information

The Microsoft Select 6 scheme provides a software licensing scheme for a range of Microsoft products not covered by the Microsoft Campus Cgreement, in conjunction with Microsoft UK and SBL. UofG's current Select agreement is effective from 22 June 2009 and will be reviewed as required.

All licences made available under this agreement are covered by the Select Plus Licence Agreement, number 4902388.

It is essential that all software is correctly licensed. The copying and use of Microsoft software outwith the scope of the licence conditions set by Microsoft is theft.

If in doubt, please email the IT admin team.