File sharing & file storage

Network drives

Staff can share data using a shared network drive. The drive will be accessible via Standard Staff Desktop and remote desktop.

For advice on setting up a new drive, or to make changes to an existing drive, contact your local IT support

OneDrive for Business via Office365

You can share folders and files on your OneDrive for Business with colleagues and students.

You can also share with people outside the University:

  • If they also have a OneDrive account you can share files directly. This is the most secure method.
  • You can send a link to their email address, but be aware that the shared file can be read by anyone who has the email.

Access your OneDrive for Business through Office 365; it works cross-platform and on any browser, although Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer 11 for the best experience.

Microsoft 365 Teams

  • Built-in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Forms, Stream Video, Whiteboard and more. Ability to add in external apps.
  • Access to files and tools in one place. 
  • Collaborate in real-time. ‚Äč
  • Automatic version control. 

Find out more about Teams

University Transfer Service

Staff and students can use this service to:

  • Share files up to 10GB with anyone, anywhere
  • Receive files from anyone, anywhere

Need to share a file larger than 1MB with several people? Instead of cluttering up everyone's email inboxes, use the University Transfer Service to temporarily make the file available to them in a secure and efficient way.

Note: Confidential material should be encrypted. See Confidential data.

ownCloud: research data sharing

ownCloud provides cloud storage that remains on-campus, ensuring only local data protection laws apply.

There are also functions for data sharing and group collaboration.

Note: ownCloud is NOT a backup service. There are other solutions available for this, such as OneDrive for Business, which allow a much larger amount of data to be stored.