Coursera Partner Consortium

Education platform Coursera (one of the University of Glasgow’s partners for online learning) has agreed to provide free access to a catalogue of teaching material from various partner universities. This means that not only is the University of Glasgow sharing its own expertise with the world, but we are also able to benefit from the expertise of others.

As part of the Coursera Consortium programme, the platform will allow learners and staff to earn Verified Certificates for completion of University Courses, Guided Projects, and Specializations free of charge.

Accessing courses

To gain access to these courses go to Glasgow’s Partner Consortium home page and create an account using your University of Glasgow email address.

Once enrolled you can browse the list of courses available to you.

When you log into Coursera in the future, to access the Glasgow Partner Consortium home page click the arrow located on the top left of the page and select Partner Consortium – Glasgow.