The University of Glasgow is providing premium accounts for all students and staff. is an online platform for the creation, management, and sharing of research protocols or methods. Users can create new protocols within the system or upload existing methods and digitise them. Those with access to a protocol can then update, annotate, or fork it so that it can be continually improved and developed.

Users can publish their protocols making them freely available for others to use and cite or, with the enterprise version, keep them private. The tool supports the Open Science / Open Research agenda by helping to ensure that methods used to produce data and publications are made available, assisting with reproducibility.


If you already have a personal account using a University of Glasgow email address, you will have been notified that your account has been upgraded.

If you have a personal account using a different email address, you can link that account to your Glasgow single sign-on in order to benefit from your free premium account.



  • Interoperability with GitHubRSpace and LabArchives
  • Long-term preservation of protocols through CLOCKSS
  • Access to prioritised technical support as premium account holders
  • Protocol import service
  • Video demos
  • Up to 4 training webinars per year