Getting started

Creating projects in Qualtrics

This includes (among others):

  • About creating a project
  • Creating a New Survey Project
  • Creating from a Copy
  • Creating from the Survey Library
  • Creating from a File
  • Creating Projects from Guided Solutions
  • Creating from a Template
  • Project Types

Accessibility within Qualtrics

It is legally required that surveys are accessible to everyone. People with visual impairments who use screen reading assistive technology may not be able to use some question types where questions have not been checked for accessibility.

Qualtrics includes a Check Survey Accessibility feature that reviews your survey, indicates which questions are inaccessible and provides recommendations for increased accessibility. In addition to the tips below, Michigan State University has a helpful guide on making your surveys accessible.

  • Choose accessible survey questions. Not all survey question types are accessible. The aforementioned link has a list of accessible question types.
  • Add alt text to all images by adding a few short words to describe images.
  • Make sure your survey follows an accessible theme.
  • Check the contrast, colour scheme and font size to make sure that it is easily readable and can be interpreted by people with colour blindness and other visual impairments.

You can find further information is available on the Qualtrics Check Survey Accessibility website.

This short video shows you how to export and import surveys and survey data.


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