Microsoft Project

Plan and collaborate on projects easily with Project for the web, using grid, timeline and board views.

Before requesting Microsoft Project, please note:

  • It is a subscription service paid annually (£70 per annum)
  • Microsoft Project does not provide monthly highlight reporting or time series analysis (apart from complex project base lining). It may be overly complex, unless for professional project managers.
  • Microsoft Planner is the best starting point for individuals and teams collaborating on tasks. Planner is available for free, as part of Office365.

Installation of licensed software

When access to Project has been approved by the budget holder, the named person will be licensed and advised of installation instructions.

  • On Standard Staff Desktops (SSD), the software will appear in the Software Centre for download
  • On all other devices, the software will be on Office365 > Office installations > Other software. This will allow you to install on up to five devices for your own use.