ArcGIS (online and pro)

ArcGIS is a geographical information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. University of Glasgow organisational licenses are available to all students and staff for use.

Creating new ArcGIS accounts

From April 2024, all new UofG students and staff users of this system, must use a single sign on (SSO) account for ArcGIS.

  • If you already have an existing ArcGIS account for UofG, please continue to use those details to log in. You will be sent an invite to set up your SSO login.
  • If you wish to move before your invite, please request to transfer to the new SSO system via the UofG Helpdesk
  • Operational users (e.g., Estates) can obtain access, but this is via a separate ArcGIS organisation. Manual access still needs to be requested via the UofG Helpdesk.

To set up your new account, using SSO:

  1. Go to ArcGIS and select Sign In.
  2. Select Your ArcGIS organization's URL.
  3. Enter uofglasgow in the field beside 
  4. Place a tick in the box beside Remember this URL and select Continue.
  5. Select University of Glasgow Staff & Students and follow your standard Single Sign On login, as you would with other UofG systems.
  6. The first time you login, it will create a new account: Username = your email address_uofglasgow

Subsequent logins will link your SSO to your existing account (unless your Glasgow email address changes or you have multiple accounts: student/research/staff). Ensure you use the same SSO login for ArcGIS.

  • You will get the full provision of the software from our educational license.

Some things to consider with SSO login migration

  • SSO access is currently only for research and teaching usage
  • If you have other users that you collaborate with (e.g., have ArcGIS Online content you use), or you yourself have ArcGIS Online content that would need to be migrated. The new SSO logins will not have direct access to existing users or content in our non-SSO organisation.

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