Microsoft Campus Agreement

(site licence for core products)

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is an annual rental programme for Higher and Further Education customers. It enables UofG to run a number of Microsoft applications on desktop systems for an annual fee based on our total number of eligible employees.

Who is covered by UofG's Campus Agreement?


As the fee is based on the total number of eligible employees, (Academic and Academic Related, Clerical and Technical), the use of the software on staff desktop systems is covered. All staff employed by the University of Glasgow are covered by the University's Campus Agreement.

Affiliated and Honorary staff are NOT covered by the Agreement.


The University has not purchased a Campus Student Option, however, Research Postgraduate students who are using desktop/laptop systems owned by the University are covered in a similar manner to staff. Students can use the software on any machines, owned or leased by the University that reside on University premises.
Students (including Postgraduate Research Students) are NOT permitted to have copies of Campus Agreement software at home.

Teaching labs / open access clusters

Software can be used on any teaching lab and/or open access cluster PCs within the University.

What products are included?

Full licence:

  • Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Microsoft Office for Macintosh (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Virtual PC)
  • Windows operating system upgrade to the current standard. All new machines are supplied with an operating system licence.

Desktop Licence for ACCESSonly (the agreement does NOT cover server licences):

  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Systems Management Server
  • SharePoint Portal Servers

The Agreement also includes the right to run the Multi-Language version of Office and its corresponding features, such as a global interface and Multi-Language proofing tools.

Microsoft's "Upgrade/Downgrade" policy

The annual fee paid under the Campus Agreement enables you to use the most current version of the licensed products. It also covers you for any future upgrades of those products during the term of your Agreement.

If an organisation has standardised on an earlier version of product(s) e.g. your standard Office package is Office 2013 then "downgrading" from the most current version to an earlier version is also permitted.

How do I acquire other Microsoft products?

Microsoft products not covered by the Campus Agreement can be purchased from the IT Services Admin Office through our Select 6 scheme.

Rules and Regulations

Questions and feedback

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