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Auditions FAQ

For applicants to the BMus, if your application is successful in the first instance, you will be invited to audition. 

When are the auditions and interviews?

The audition and interview process normally occurs between December and April. We have a number of audition dates available each year to accommodate applicants.

If you meet the minimum basic entry requirements and we are interested in your application, you will be invited to audition and interview via UCAS. You will also receive an email with instructions from the University Admissions System ( remember to check your Junk Folder in case the email goes in there!

How do I make and submit my audition video?

Prepare a video of a performance of two contrasting pieces to a total duration of approximately ten minutes. Please do not concern yourself with the quality of the video itself, we will only be judging the quality of the performance. A smartphone camera video will suffice. There are no restrictions as regards genre or idiom, but we do require that at least one of your pieces should have been learned from staff notation, allowing for the other selection, for example, to have been learned through listening and/or include improvisation. You may also wish to demonstrate ability on a second instrument, but this is not required. After receiving your invitation, you will have two weeks to submit your online audition video. To do this, please first upload your video to YouTube, then share your details and your video on this online form.


What is the portfolio?

The portfolio is not a requirement, but it may strengthen your application, especially if you are involved in a lot of extracurricular music activity. It gives us the chance to see or hear other things that you do in addition to performance. A portfolio may include: 

  • Scores of your own compositions
  • Recordings you have made yourself, for example, in digital audio workstations
  • Harmony and counterpoint exercises
  • Essays from schoolwork
  • Additional performance videos, for example, of you playing in a band, or singing in a choir
  • Anything you think will help your application.

The option to submit additional materials is available in the form link above.

When do interviews take place?

Interviews occur online between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT. We will invite you via UCAS to an interview on a specific date and time, which will be after the three-week period for the submission of your audition video.

What if I can’t make it?

If you cannot make the initial invite date, or have specific time constraints, please let us know on the form above so we can attempt to reschedule your interview!

Can I have a tour of the University?

There are various Open Days and Afternoon Visits available throughout the year:

Visit us

We will always try to accommodate you at Music, but please be aware that this is a teaching building with active classes. It won’t always be possible to give you a tour of the building or campus. We would recommend you come to one of the Open Days.

Can I perform on two different instruments?

You are welcome to audition on two instruments, or instrument and voice, but bear in mind that you would be expected to focus your study on one instrument in our Performance course if accepted.

I have other questions!

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