Study abroad

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‘Studying abroad gave me the chance to make new friends across the world, to experience different ways of studying my subject and to prove to myself that I could make a new and happy life in another country.’

Emily Edwards from Dursley in England

‌Looking for an inspiring, confidence-boosting and even life-changing experience?

Our long-established study abroad programme has many exciting opportunities for you to take advantage of. From Europe and the USA, to Asia and Australia, the world is yours to explore. 

The benefits

Many Glasgow students complete part of their degree in another country. Courses taken overseas form part of your degree without adding an extra year or semester, and there are many additional benefits. You can:

  • gain an entirely new perspective on your academic subject, while enhancing your CV and increasing your employability
  • discover new things about yourself and increase your independence and confidence
  • work and make friends with people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • remain registered as a student at the University of Glasgow, so you won’t pay any tuition fees to the overseas university. 

Study in Europe

The Erasmus+ Programme allows you to study or work in another country in Europe as part of your degree programme. We have exchange links with a large number of universities across Europe where you can study for a semester or a full year. Where and when you can go depends on the subject you study but it is possible to study in Europe with most degree programmes. Most students go abroad in their third year of study.

Erasmus+ also offers a work placement option which you can complete in a company or institution anywhere in Europe. This is an option with some degree programmes.

You do not need to speak another language to take part – some of our partner universities teach in English, and there is language support available through the programme.

Students who work or study through the Erasmus+ programme can receive a grant to help with travel and living costs abroad.

Study beyond Europe

The International Exchange Programme allows you to spend a year or a semester in one of our partner institutions. We have partners in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

You can choose from over 50 destinations across the globe. Previous Glasgow students have studied in world-leading universities including: University of Melbourne, University of Otago, University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of California.

Most of our partner institutions teach in English, except for the University of Quebec in Canada and universities in South, Central and Latin America.

Students with a disability

We welcome applications from students with a disability and work with colleagues from the Disability Service to prepare and support disabled students for study abroad.

Find out more

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