Current Research Grants

Current research grants held in the Materials and Condensed Matter Physics group are listed below.

Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aurelio Hierro Rodriguez
Funding Source: EC Horizon 2020 Project ID: 746958
Award: €195 454.80
Start date 1/01/18 End date 31/12/19


The present project aims to explore and control the behavior of magnetic topological defects in weak Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy materials by creating different hard/soft magnetic nanostructures with reconfigurable properties. Both, static and dynamic behaviors will be exploded and finally, a demonstration device will be prepared: a reconfigurable magnonic crystal with potential applications in information and communication technologies.

Weak perpendicular magnetic anisotropy materials present fascinating magnetic stripe domain arrangements sharing phenomenology with other self-organized systems. These magnetization configurations can be understood as a 2D magnetic crystal.Topological defects within the stripes’ lattice condition and drive the magnetization processes of the system being their study a key factor for both, fundamental and technological goals.

One of the objectives of the project is to go a step further in the study of magnetic topological defects in these systems. We want to characterize, with unprecedented detail, the behavior of magnetization textures and control their evolution by locally tuning the film properties.Not only static properties will be analyzed, but also the dynamics. It will allow to observe interesting spin wave phenomena, and ultimately, to identify and excite the dynamic modes of topological defects.

To achieve this, a unique combination of ferromagnetic resonance with Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy will be used, with guidance from micromagnetic simulations. On the other hand, the aforementioned system can be used as key element in the development of low energy consumption reconfigurable magnetic devices.

We want to demonstrate it by creating a reconfigurable magnonic crystal combining patterned soft magnets and weak perpendicular magnetic anisotropy elements. The work will mainly be conducted at the University of Glasgow, with some fabrication performed at University of Oviedo in Spain, over a period of 2 years.

Visualised Magnetic Exchange in Science and Nature

Principal Investigator: Dr. Trevor P. Almeida
Funding Source: Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowship (Glasgow University Central Funding - ref: 015287)
Award: £151,569
Start date 01/09/17 End date 31/08/20


Advanced magnetic media for next generation THz multifunctional devices

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rair Macedo
Funding Source: The Leverhulme Trust (300947-01) and The University of Glasgow (LKAS - 200584-01)
Award: £189,881
Start date 01/03/18 End date 28/02/2021


Microscopy with neutral helium atoms: A wide-ranging new technique for delicate samples

Principal Investigator: Dr. D. MacLaren
Collaborators: Dr. AP Jardine, Dr J Ellis, Dr B Roman, Dr A Hansen (University of Cambridge)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/R008051/1
Award: £168,887
Start date 1/11/17 End date 31/10/20


Consortium for advanced materials based on spin chirality

Principal Investigator: Prof. R. Stamps
Co-Investigators: Dr. D. MacLaren, Dr. S. McVitie, Dr. M Kadodwala (Chemistry)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/M024423/1
Award: £756,507
Start date 1/04/15 End date 31/03/20


EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advanced Data Storage

Principal Investigator: Prof. R. Bowman (Queen's University Belfast)
Co-Investigators: JH Marsh (University of Glasgow Engineering)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/L015323/1
Award: £3m
Start date 1/04/14 End date 31/09/22


A LEAP 5000 XS for the UK National Atom Probe Facility

Principal Investigator: Prof. MP Moody (Univ. of Oxford)
Co-Investigators: Prof. RA. Oliver (Univ of Cambridge), Dr. S. Piazolo (Univ. of Leeds), Prof. TB Scott (Univ. of Bristol), Dr. PAJ Bagot (Univ. of Oxford), Prof. M Preuss (Univ. of Manchester), Prof. WM Rainforth (Univ. of Sheffield), Prof. C Grovenor (Univ. of Oxford), Dr. DA. MacLaren (Univ. of Glasgow), Prof. D Dye (Imperial College London)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/S021663/1
Award: £2,914,083
Start date 01/01/19 End date 31/12/20


Next^2 TEM Detection - Investigation of Hybrid Pixel Detectors for future Transmission Electron Microscopy imaging

Glasgow Investigators: Dr D McGrouther
Funding Source: STFC Case Industrial Studentship, Award ST/P002471/1
Glasgow Award: £99,876
Start date 1/10/17 End date 30/09/21

Recently Completed Grants

Some recently-completed grants are also listed below.

Visualised Exchange Coupling in Core-Shell Nanostructures

Principal Investigator: Dr. Trevor P. Almeida
Funding Source: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland
Award: £9744
Start date 01/07/18 End date 01/06/19


MAGicSKY: Magnetic Skyrmions for Future Nanospintronic Devices

Principal Investigator: Prof. R. Stamps
Co-Investigators: Dr. S. McVitie
Funding Source: European Commission (Project 665095)
Award: €574 243,75
Start date 1/09/15 End date 1/09/18


Nanostructured half-Heuslers for thermoelectric waste heat recovery

Principal Investigator: Dr. D. MacLaren
Collaborators: Dr. Jan-Willem Bos (Heriot-Watt University); Prof. Keith. Refson (Royal Holloway University)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/M019020/1
Award: £393,198
Start date 1/01/16 End date 31/12/18


Current-driven domain wall motion and magnetomemristance in FeRh-based nanostructures

Principal Investigator: Dr. S. McVitie
Co-Investigators: Dr. D. McGrouther
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/M019020/1
Award: £635,158
Start date 1/04/15 End date 30/09/18


Analysis of Polar Structure in High Temperature Relaxor Dielectrics: Framework for Materials Discovery

Principal Investigator: Dr. I. MacLaren
Collaborators: Dr. SJ Milne (University of Leeds); Dr. CL Freeman (University of Sheffield)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/P013945/1, linked to EP/P015514/1EP/P015565/1
Award: £55,467
Start date 1/04/17 End date 30/09/19


Mid IR Active Component Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Principal Investigator:Porf. I Thayne (School of Engineering)
Co-Investigators: Dr I. MacLaren, Dr. D. McGrouther
Funding Source: Scottish Enterprise/ CENSIS
Award: £478,786
Start date 1/09/15 End date 31/08/18

PRETICONTROL: Control of precipitation sequences during hot rolling to improve product uniformity of titanium containing high strength steels

Investigators: I MacLaren
Funding Source: European Commission - Research Fund for Coal and Steel GRANT AGREEMENT No RFSR-CT-2015-00013
Total award: €1,268,057 (£114194.34 to Glasgow)
Start date 01/07/15 End date 31/12/18

The project aims to understand how precipitation of Ti, in conjunction with Nb and V, influences microstructure and property development during processing of high titanium (max. 0.15wt%) containing high strength steels (>700MPa) and hence make recommendations for compositions which are relatively insensitive to varying processing conditions. It will be achieved by characterization of precipitation sequences during the main stages of the hot rolling process. Influence of microalloying elements on austenite recrystallization behaviour and bainite phase transformation will be investigated by thermo-mechanical techniques coupled to high resolution characterization methods. Models will be developed and applied to optimise hot strip rolling strategy.

A Focused Ion Beam Microscopy Facility for Advanced Materials Analysis

Principal Investigator: Dr. I. MacLaren
Co-Investigators: Prof. M. Calder, Prof. R. Stamps, Dr. D. MacLaren, Dr. D. McGrouther, Dr. S. McVitie
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/P001483/1
Award: £1,081,831
Start date 1/07/16 End date 30/09/17


Fast Pixel Detectors: a paradigm shift in STEM imaging

Principal Investigator: Dr. I MacLaren
Co-Investigators: Dr. D. McGrouther
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/M009963/1
Award: £391,288
Start date 1/02/15 End date 31/01/18


Artificial Spin Ice: Designer Matter Far From Equilibrium

Principal Investigator: Prof. R. Stamps
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/L002922/1
Award: £492,124
Start date 1/10/13 End date 31/03/17


A structure analysis of the intact virion and replicative complexes of human respiratory syncytial virus

Principal Investigator: Dr. D. Bhella (College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences)
Co-Investigators: Dr. D. McGrouther, Dr. R. Fearns (MVLS)
Funding Source: MRC - MR/M000451/1
Award: £751,763
Start date 1/11/14 End date 30/11/17


IFOX: Interfacing Oxides

Investigators: JN Chapman, DA MacLaren, D McGrouther
Funding Source: European Commission - Grant Agreement NMP3-LA-2010-246102
Total award: €11,300,000
Start date 01/12/11 End date 30/11/15

See the project website for full details of partners and the project aims.

Integrating advanced nanomaterials into transformative technologies

Principal Investigator: Dr D A MacLaren
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/I00419X/1
Award: £1,037,162
Start date 1/10/10 End date 30/09/15


SuperSTEM:The UK Aberration-Corrected STEM Facility

Investigators: AJ Craven, M Falke
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/D040205/1
Total award: £576,080
Start date 1/11/06 End date 31/10/11

New multiferroic and magnetoresistive materials for information storage: emergent behaviour in complex molybdate perovskites

Investigators: Dr E Cussen (Uni. of Strathclyde), Dr DA MacLaren, Dr FD Morrison
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/H001751/1
Total award: £374,816
Start date 1/10/09 End Date 31/03/13

Small items of research equipment at the University of Glasgow

Investigators: M Padgett, N Kamenos, B Choubey, SL Neale, IW Martin, MD Symes, RS Forgan, DA MacLaren, M Tassieri
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/K031732/1
Total award: £447,357 
Start date 1/11/12 End date 31/03/13

The atomic resolution chemical structure of defects in multiferroic oxides

Investigators: Dr I MacLaren, Prof A J Craven, Prof I M Reaney (University of Sheffield)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/J009679/1, EP/J009628/1
Award: £34,272 (of which £11,800 to Glasgow)
Start date 1/12/11 End date 30/11/12


Using aberration corrected STEM to study the atomic structure of incommensurate antiferroelectrics

Principal Investigator: Dr I MacLaren
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/I000879/1
Award: £14,255
Start date 3/6/10 End date 3/3/11


Ageing of printable polymer solar cells

Investigators: Prof I Samuel, Prof J Loos
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/I013288/1
Award: £589,517
Start date 1/3/11 End date 31/8/13


Ultra-high temperature synthesis of high-performance Zintl thermoelectrics

Investigators: Dr J-W Bos (Heriot Watt), Dr D A MacLaren (as a subcontract)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/J000884/1
Total award: £79,630
Start date 13/09/11 End date 12/09/13


Molecular-Metal-Oxide-nanoelectronicS (M-MOS): Achieving the Molecular Limit

Investigators: Prof L Cronin, Prof AMA Asenov, Dr G Cooke, Prof DRS Cumming, Dr DA MacLaren, Prof J McGrady, Dr M Murrie, Prof DJ Paul
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/H024107/1
Award: £3 570 000
Start date 1/02/10 End date 31/07/14


INSPIRE Physical Sciences: A synergy for next generation materials science

Investigators: O Cespedes (Leeds), J Bos (Heriot-Watt), G Teobaldi (Liverpool), DA MacLaren, AI Coldea (Oxford)
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/K036408/1
Total award: £50,457
Start date 01/04/2013 End date 30/09/2014


Current-Driven Domain Wall Motion in Multilayer Nanowires

Investigators: Dr S McVitie, Dr D McGrouther, Prof JMR Weaver
Funding Source: EPSRC - EP/I013520/1
Award: £694,887
Start date 1/10/10 End date 31/3/14


Precipitation in high manganese steels

Glasgow Investigators: Dr I MacLaren, Prof AJ Craven, Dr D McGrouther
European Network Project with: ThyssenKrupp AG (Germany), ArcelorMittal (France), University of Oulu (Finland), KTH (Sweden), RWTH Aachen (Germany), CEIT (Spain)
Funding Source: EU - Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Glasgow Award: £179,338
Start date 1/7/10 End date 31/1/15


Improving the Accuracy of a Thermoset Polymer capacitive Humidity Sensor

Investigators: Dr D McGrouther, Prof. R Stamps
Funding Source: EPSRC CASE Studentship with Honeywell Sensing and Control
Glasgow Award: £69,121
Start date 01/10/2011 End date 30/09/16