Group Colloquia 2017-2018

Group Colloquia 2017-2018

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We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in attending.

Unless an alternative is stated below, all seminars are held in the SUPA video-conferencing room (Room 255a, School of Physics and Astronomy) at 1300.

You may also be interested to see the wide and varied speakers from previous years and also the School of Physics & Astronomy colloquia schedule.

Regular Colloquium series

Date  Title Presenter 
9th August


EELS quantification of steels

Characterisating domain walls in magnetic systems by TEM

Sean Hughs, MCMP group, Glasgow

Bianca Sala, MCMP group, Glasgow

Kayla Fallon, MCMP group, Glasgow

16th August Topological excitations in thin film ferromagnets and artificial spin ices

Dr Ezio IacoccaDepartment of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado and Department of Physics Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

30th August

The application of transmission Kikuchi diffraction and atom probe microscopy to extra-terrestrial materials.

Luke Daly, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, Glasgow

27th September, room 220

 Finite size effects and artificial spin structures

Dr Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Friday 26th January, rm 257 Magnetism research at the Alba light source Prof. Salvador Ferrer, ALBA Light Source, Spain
Thursday 12th April, SUPA The role of IP in the commercialisation of advanced materials Dr. Craig Brownlie, Potter Clarkson

18th April, rm 323

Core-shell effects on the plasmonics of silver nanoparticles

Obtaining structural and composition data from nanostructured non-crystalline materials combining STEM diffraction imaging using a Medipix 3 Sensor and EELS spectrum imaging

Jack Brennan, MCMP Group, Glasgow


Alastair Doye, MCMP / IGR Groups, Glasgow

25th April, SUPA

Multi-length Scale Characterisation of Half-Heusler Thermoelectrics

TEM Imaging of Phase Behaviour in Relaxor Ferroelectrics

John Halpin, MCMP Group, Glasgow

Tom MacGregor, MCMP Group, Glasgow

2nd May, SUPA By student request - Giving 12-minute conference talks Damien McGrouther, MCMP Group, Glasgow
9th May, SUPA The effect of interface formation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium matrix composites Jiheng Wang, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, P. R. China

16th May, SUPA

Imaging nanomagnets in 2D and 3D using X-rays

Sebastian Gliga, MCMP Group, Glasgow

23th May, rm 323

Spontaneous nanostructuring of thermoelectric half-Heusler thin films

3D reconstruction of magnetization from dichroic soft X-ray transmission tomography

Robert Webster, MCMP Group, Glasgow

Aurelio Hierro Rodriguez, MCMP Group, Glasgow

30th May, rm 323

Chemical and Structural Characterisation of Ferroelectric Materials via Transmission Electron Microscopy


Shane McCartan, MCMP Group, Glasgow


Hafizah Isa, MCMP / IGR Groups Glasgow

6th June, rm 323

Mapping plasmonic excitations in nano-elements for heat assisted magnetic recording applications

Investigation of Magnetostriction in Permalloy Thin Films using Lorentz TEM

Liam Wright, MCMP Group, Glasgow


Alison Cowan, MCMP Group, Glasgow

13th June, rm 323

Sp(in) ice up your life: how geometry affects the behaviour of artificial spin systems

Gavin Macauley, MCMP Group, Glasgow

22nd June, 10:30, SUPA

Investigating spontaneous skyrmion dynamics in FeGe

Gyan van der Jagt, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

27th June, SUPA

PEELS and the ARM

Alan Craven, MCMP Group, Glasgow

11th July, SUPA

Lorentz TEM studies of material systems with an interfacial DMI interaction

P-FIB to the planets

Kayla Fallon, MCMP Group, Glasgow

Luke Daly, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, Glasgow

18th July, SUPA

Idea to product - a brief overview of the product development process for the Merlin detectors.

Large area low-loss mapping of precipitates within steel matrices

Nadia Bassiri, MCMP Group, Glasgow


Bianca Sala, MCMP Group, Glasgow

24th August, rm 323

Spatial Resolution in Low-Loss EELS

Prof. Ray F. Egerton, University of Alberta, Canada

Mon 3th Sept., rm 323, from 1pm

IMC Extravaganza

John Halpin and Bianca Sala, MCMP Group, Glasgow

26th Sept. Rm 323

GaAs:Cr as an alternative sensor material for direct electron detectors


Kirsty Paton, MCMP / PPE Groups, Glasgow

Enrique Frutos Myro, MCMP Group, Glasgow