Group Colloquia 2023-2024

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We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in attending.

Unless an alternative is stated below, all seminars are held in the SUPA video-conferencing room (Room 255a, School of Physics and Astronomy) at 1300.

You may also be interested to see the wide and varied speakers from previous years and also the School of Physics & Astronomy colloquia schedule.

Colloquium series

Date  Title Presenter 

14th June, 2pm in SUPA room


Quantification of Vacancies in VCoSb Using Elemental Standards 


Inducing magnetic texture in a Ru/Pt/CoFeB multilayer via localised ion-beam generated defects.

Ben Smith



Sara Villa

21st June, 2pm in SUPA room

Momentum resolved EELS of Dirac plasmons at interfaces with Bi2Se3

Using Electrons to Fabricate Magnetic Nano-circuits

Mairi McCauley

Aurys Silinga

12th July, 1pm in room 312

Electronic spectra of nanostructured graphene

Dr Sergei Kruchinin

2nd August, 2pm in room 255

Tuning 2D Material Properties Using Optical Strain Engineering with Orbital Angular Momentum

Paula Laborda Lalaguna

9th August, 2pm in SUPA room  Manganese Nitride Barocalorics for Future Solid State Refrigeration  Connor Inglis 
16th August, 2pm in SUPA room

Effect of Fullerene Interfaces on Chiral Magnetic Textures

Lorentz TEM imaging of skyrmions and domains nucleated during field-driven transitions in chiral synthetic antiferromagnets

Colin Kirkbride


Dr Kayla Fallon

30th August, 2pm in SUPA room Unveiling Phase Change Behaviour in Barocaloric Materials Using Correlative Microscopy Dr Fred Rendell
6th September, 2pm in SUPA room Quantification and Characterisation of Vacancies in VCoSb Ben Smith
7th November, 4pm in room 257 Atomic resolution TEM imaging of solid-liquid interfaces enabled via 2D material heterostructures Prof. Sarah Haigh