Group Colloquia 2018-2019

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We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in attending.

Unless an alternative is stated below, all seminars are held in the SUPA video-conferencing room (Room 255a, School of Physics and Astronomy) at 1300.

You may also be interested to see the wide and varied speakers from previous years and also the School of Physics & Astronomy colloquia schedule.

Colloquium series

Date  Title Presenter 
30th January, 1pm Rm 323 MAGNETIC SKYRMIONS: STATICS AND DYNAMICS Dr Christoforos Moutafis, University of Manchester
4th March, 1pm SUPA room 255a

Tuning Magnetic Anisotropy in Nanostructures for Biomedical and Electromagnetic Applications

IEEE Magnetics Distinguished Lecturer

Prof. Hari Srikanth, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA

7th March, 1pm Rm 323 Nanoscale 3D analysis by Atom Probe Tomography - an introduction and example applications Dr Paul Bagot, University of Oxford
10th May Seeing with Atoms Prof Paul Dastoor, Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Cambridge

5th June 

Breakdown of the rigid disc shift model in DPC STEM

Advanced fabrication and magnetometry of nanostructures with complex 3D geometries 

Dr Laura Clark


Luka Skorić 

12th June 

Characterisation of functional oxide materials using transmission electron microscopy

The Impact Of Corrosion And Chemical Modification Of Silver Nanoparticle Assemblies On Their Plasmonic Functionality Studied By Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy 

Shane McCartan



Jack Brennan 

19th June 

Focused electron-beam induced deposition, in situ TEM and off-axis electron holography investigation of bi-magnetic core-shell nanostructures

Improved FIB Preparation Of Samples For MEMS-based In-situ Simultaneous Heating And Biasing In The TEM/STEM

Dr Trevor Almeida


Tom MacGregor 

26th June 

Mapping Plasmon Excitations In Near Field Transducers Using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

Correlative Nanoanalytical Electron Microscopy Of Spontaneously Nanostructured Thermoelectric Half-Heusler Alloys

Exploring The Performance Of Hybrid Pixel Detectors For Electron Microscopy With Alternative Sensor Materials

Liam Wright


Robert Webster


Kirsty Paton

10th July 

Investigating Skyrmion Dynamics Involving Lattice Defects in FeGe 

Observation and Characterisation of Magnetisation Ripple using Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy

Fred Rendell


Alison Cowan 

17th July 

Application of Precession Electron Diffraction to Fine Characterization of Nanoscale Materials

Domain walls in low Symmetry Nanowires 

Using data analysis techniques from X-ray absorption spectroscopy on high-loss EELS data

Dr Daniel Ugarte


Hristo Gergov


Rebecca Cummings 

24th July 

Spin Ice - how do they work? 

Epitaxial Design of Novel Photonic Architectures

Gavin Macauley

Adam McKenzie 

28th August

Negative Refraction Regions within Natural Crystalline Materials

Three-dimensional image reconstruction

An analysis of Xenon bubbles in Zircaloy-4

Cameron McEleny

John Fullerton

Andrew Minty

13th September

Broadband Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: The “Swiss Army Knife” for Understanding Spin-Orbit Phenomena

Dr Justin M. Shaw