Group Colloquia 2019-2020

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We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in attending.

Unless an alternative is stated below, all seminars are held in the SUPA video-conferencing room (Room 255a, School of Physics and Astronomy) at 1300.

You may also be interested to see the wide and varied speakers from previous years and also the School of Physics & Astronomy colloquia schedule.

Colloquium series

Date  Title Presenter 
13th September

Broadband Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: The “Swiss Army Knife” for Understanding Spin-Orbit Phenomena

Dr Justin M. Shaw 
4th November, 2pm in SUPA room

Nanomaterials for spintronics applications

Ms Sandra Ruiz Gomez
13th November, 1pm in
Room 323

Recent advances in micromagnetic simulation

Dr Claas Abert

27th March 2020, 12pm in SUPA room


IEEE Magnetics Distinguished Lecturer

Prof. Mathias Kläui