Publication Archive

Publication Archive

Welcome to our archive of all papers published by group members dating back to 2010. Research published this year is listed below; earlier years are linked from the menu at the left.

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Links to journal articles are provided below where possible. If you do not have access rights from the journal homepages, pre-publication drafts are usually available via the University of Glasgow's Enlighten database.

There is also a list of thesis titles for PhDs arising from this group, for which most also have a thesis abstract available.


2019 publications

2019 publications

Superferromagnetism and Domain-Wall Topologies in Artificial 'Pinwheel' Spin Ice
Y Li, GW Paterson, GM Macauley, FS Nascimento, C Ferguson, SA Morley, MC Rosamond, EH Linfield, DA MacLaren, R Macedo, CH Marrows, S McVitie, and RL Stamps
ACS Nano DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b08884.

Spontaneous formation of nanostructures during pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial half-Heusler TiNiSn on MgO(001)
RWH Webster, JE Halpin, S R Popuri, J-WG. Bos, and DA MacLaren
APL Materials 7 (2019) 013206.

Anomalous Temperature Behavior of the Chiral Spin Helix in CrNb3S6 Thin Lamellae
Y Togawa, J Kishine, P A Nosov, T Koyama, G W Paterson, S McVitie, Y Kousaka, J Akimitsu, M Ogata, and A S Ovchinnikov
Phys Rev Lett 122 (2019) 017204

2018 publications

2018 publications

Quantum interference in silicon one-dimensional junctionless nanowire field-effect transistors
FJ Schupp, MM Mirza, DA MacLaren, GAD Briggs, DJ Paul and JA Mol
Phys. Rev. B 98 (2018) 235428

Antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase domain development in nanopatterned FeRh islands
R C Temple, T P Almeida, J R Massey, K Fallon, R Lamb, S A Morley, F Maccherozzi, S S Dhesi, D McGrouther, S McVitie, T A Moore and C H Marrows
Phys. Rev. Materials 2 (2018) 104406

A transmission electron microscope study of Neel Skyrmion magnetic textures in multilayer thin film systems with large interfacial chiral intercation
S McVitie, S Hughes, K Fallon, S McFadzean, D McGrouther, M Krajnak, W Legrand, D Maccariello, S Collin, K Garcia, N Reyren, V Cros, A Fert, K Zeissler and C H Marrows
Nature Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 5703

Pinning and Hysteresis in the field dependent diameter evolution of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir superlattice stacks
K Zeissler, M Mruczkiewics, S Finizio, J Raabe, P M Shepley, A V Sadovnikov, S A Nikitov, K Fallon, S McFadzean, S McVitie, T A Moore, G Burnell and C H Marrows
Nature Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 15125

The association of hydrogen with nanometre bubbles of helium implanted into zirconium 
M S Blackmur, S Dumbill, I MacLaren, D Hernandez Maldonado, P D Styman, M Gass, R J Nicholls, J M Hyde, Q M Ramasse, K J Annand, J S Smith, N Gotham
Scripta Materialia 152 (2018) 102-106.

EELS at very high energy losses 
I MacLaren, K J Annand, C Black & A J Craven
Microscopy 67 [S1] (2017) i78-i85.

Impact of Randomly Distributed Dopants on Ω -Gate Junctionless Silicon Nanowire Transistors
H Carrillo-Nuñez , MM Mirza, DJ Paul, DA MacLaren, A Asenov, and VP Georgiev.
IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 65 (2018) 1692

The oldest magnetic record in our solar system identified using nanometric imaging and numerical modeling
J Shah, W Williams, T P Almeida, L Nagy, A R Muxworthy, A Kovács, M A Valdez-Grijalva, K Fabian, S S Russell, M J Genge and R E Dunin-Borkowski
Nature Comms. 9 (2018) 1173

Oxygen Impurities Link Bistability and Magnetoresistance in Organic Spin Valves
I Bergenti, F Borgatti, M Calbucci, A Riminucci, R Cecchini, P Graziosi, DA MacLaren, A Giglia, JP Rueff, D Céolin, L Pasquali and V Dediu
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10 (2018) 8132.

Evaluation of crystallographic strain, rotation and defects in functional oxides by the moiré effect in scanning transmission electron microscopy
AB Naden, KJ O'Shea and DA MacLaren
Nanotechnology 29 (2018) 165704.

Symmetry Reduction and Shape Effects in Concave Chiral Plasmonic Structures
GW Paterson, AS Karimullah, SG Smith, M Kadodwala, and DA MacLaren
J. Phys. Chem. C, 122 (2018) 5049.

Grain-by-Grain Compositional Variations and Interstitial Metals: A New Route toward Achieving High Performance in Half-Heusler Thermoelectrics
SA Barczak, JE Halpin, J Buckman, R Decourt, M Pollet, RI Smith, DA MacLaren and J-W G Bos
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10 (2018) 4786.

Interfacial sharpness and intermixing in a Ge-SiGe multiple quantum well structure
A Bashir, K Gallacher, R W Millar, D J Paul, A Ballabio, J Frigerio, G Isella, D Kriegner, M Ortolani, J Barthel, I MacLaren
J. Appl. Phys., 123 (2018) 035703.

Spectrum imaging of complex nanostructures using DualEELS: II. Absolute quantification using standards
A J Craven, B Sala, J Bobynko and I MacLaren
Ultramicroscopy 186 (2017) 66-81.  Open access version in Enlighten

Key criterion for achieving giant recovery strains in polycrystalline Fe-Mn-Si based shape memory alloys
H Peng, G Wang, S Wang, J Chen, I MacLaren, Y Wen
Mater. Sci. Eng. A, 712 (2018) 37-49.