Beit-Glasgow Scholarship

Beit-Glasgow Scholarship

One year Scholarship for an MSc in developmental subjects only. The Beit-UoG Scholarship does not cover MBA, PG Diploma, PG Certificate or CPD Online distance learning programmes. 

Please see Beit Trust Postgraduate Scholarships for more details. 

Applicants must have:

  • First Class/Distinction or Upper Second-Class Honours degrees (or equivalent) at undergraduate level.
  • The standard of competence in English as required by UoG from time to time, which shall as a minimum comply with the standard of competence in English required by the UK Home Office at the time of the Student's admission to the Programme; and
  • By Act of Parliament, the Beit Trust supports ONLY students who are nationals of Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi, who hold permanent residence, live there and/or intend to return to their country after their studies.
  • Relevant experience of work after completion of a first degree is strongly recommended and will count towards the award of a scholarship.
  • Doctors and Vets should have completed 18 months of internship, and a one-year, preferably rural, posting in Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi.

The Trust cannot consider applications from those who have already begun a course.

Number of Scholarships

5 per annum

Eligible countries/regions

  • Malawi
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Eligible programmes


The scholarship will cover the following:

  • Fees, tuition costs and related academic expenses.
  • A personal allowance, index-linked in accordance with guidance from an independent authority, covering maintenance support.
  • Other allowances are paid for arrival, a laptop and departure.
  • Economy Class tickets are provided for the initial journey to the place of study, and on final return.
  • No allowances are paid for spouses and other family members or dependants.

How to apply

Make your application for admission directly to UoG. Please apply via our website, which will guide you.

Notify the university, as part of your study application, that you will be approaching the Beit Trust for scholarship funding.

Once you have an offer from UoG, you should apply as early as possible to the Beit Trust for a scholarship, via

Your application, with all the supporting documents, must be uploaded via the Scholarship application link, available on the Beit Trust website;

You need three referees: Academic, Character and Employer (as appropriate). They have separate and individual forms, the link for which must be forwarded to them by you, the applicant, after completing the scholarship application on The link becomes available once you have submitted your scholarship application form electronically.  We prefer referees to use the link provided in the application form. If, however, they can only provide their reference by email, please forward them the relevant forms, which you can download off The completed forms must be returned directly from the referee via email to

For more information contact: