John Donne: Poems

London: M. Flesher, 1633 (Sp Coll Monro 21)

Opening line from 'Break of Day'.

This is the first printed edition of Donne’s collected poetry and bound with it are two anonymous sacred dramas: Ephtha and Judas Macchabaeus.

Holy Sonnets by John Donne.

During his lifetime, Donne’s poetry was mainly circulated in manuscript; the poems were not collected together and printed until 1633, two years after his death. Consequently, Donne's poetry was little known during his lifetime, when he was better known for his essays and sermons. Acting as his literary executor, it was Donne's son who organised the publication of his poetical works. The poems proved to be very popular, and six editions of this collection were published in the 23 years following the poet's death.

This collection contains several ‘Elegies on the Author’, including the most famous by fellow poet Thomas Carew.

Elegy upon the death of Donne by fellow poet, Thomas Carew.

Special Collections also holds a book that once belonged to John Donne, bearing his signature on the title page: Giovanni Francesco Bordini  Io. Francisci Bordini De rebvs praeclare gestis a Sixto V. Pon. Max. Io. Francisci Bordini Carminvm liber primvs (1588: Sp Coll Hunterian I.5.8).

Also by John Donne and held in Special Collections:

Six sermons upon severall occasions, : preached befor the King, and elsewhere... (1634) Sp Coll Bi4-g.4
Fifty Sermons... The second volume (1649) Sp Coll Bl6-c.7
Letters to severall persons of honour (1654) Sp Coll Bk8-h.11
Essays in divinity (1651) and Paradoxes, problems, essays, characters, written by Dr Donne... (1652) Sp Coll T.C.L. 622

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