Services for business

Businesses need adequate information in order to function.  This information needs to be managed effectively in order to maximise its potential.

Archives & Special Collections works with many active businesses to help them manage their records.  Services range from offering help and advice on archive management through to taking physical custody of historically important records and preserving these in professional conditions as part of the Scottish Business Archive.

Archivists from the University or our agent, the Business Archives Surveying Officer, are able to offer business the following services:

  • Advice on archives, records and information management
  • Development of records and information management policies and programmes
  • Physical custody of older material in secure, environmentally controlled conditions
  • Undertake records audits to identifying how long the different types of records you create should be retained
  • Undertake archive cataloguing and surveying
  • Offer guidance on electronic records and document management
  • Help with legislative compliance in areas such as Data Protection and Freedom of Information
  • Advise on digitisation projects
  • Devise disaster management plans
  • Undertake fact-finding research into your corporate history, helping you to exploit your heritage for commercial success
  • Advise on the public display of historical material
  • Providing training on managing records and archives effectively
  • Undertake project work in any of the above areas

Contact Archives & Special Collections for further details on how we can help you to manage your records and information effectively as a business asset. Or read some of our case studies for examples of our partnership working with businesses to explore and exploit their heritage.