in-person visits

When booking, please specify the items you would like to consult.

If you're planning ahead for an extended research visit, email to discuss options.

Booking information

  • Booking requests should be made no later than 5 days before the intended visit, and should include reference numbers/shelfmarks for the items you'd like to see - use the finding aids linked from our Discover page to choose your items
  • Your appointment is for one person only - please book additional slots for additional readers
  • Toilets and hand-washing facilities are available
  • Please bring only what you need into the reading room: pencils, notebooks, laptops/tablets, phones; strictly no food or drink
  • Lockers are provided
  • Please let us know if you have any additional access requirements

Reading room regulations

  • All users are asked to be considerate of all other individuals within ASC spaces.
  • Readers are not permitted to remove any collection items from the Reading Rooms. 
  • If you require any assistance handling any items, please ask the Reading Room supervisor. In particular please do not fold, lean on, mark, or damage any items. 
  • Use the supports provided for consulting bound volumes. If you are consulting original photographs, illuminated manuscripts, or objects please use the gloves provided. 
  • Keep items in the order they are produced to you. 
  • Please help us by informing the Reading Room supervisor if any item appears to be damaged, missing, or out of place.
  • Please inform the Reading Room supervisor when you are ready to leave. 
  • The Reading Rooms are designated for quiet research; please keep conversations to a minimum wherever possible. 
  • If you require online access, please bring your own laptop or tablet. Whilst ASC staff will be able to assist with searching online discovery tools, using your own device is recommended. 
  • Many of our collections may be photographed for personal study. Please ask ASC staff if you wish to take pictures.

Virtual Appointments

Please specify the items you would like to consult, up to a maximum of 3 items per appointment.