Our team

The ASC team is responsible for managing, promoting and enabling access to, and supporting engagement with the Library’s unique and distinctive collections. Our activities include;

  • strategic collection development,
  • enquiry and reading room services,
  • cataloguing,
  • preservation and conservation,
  • engaging students with collections through their taught courses, and
  • supporting academic research. 

Our staff work across our locations to deliver our services, if you would like to contact any member of the team, please contact us at library-asc@glasgow.ac.uk.

Management team

  • Siobhan Convery, Assistant Director (University Library) and Keeper of the Hunterian Books & Manuscripts
  • Julie Gardham, Senior Librarian
  • Sarah Hepworth, Senior Librarian
  • Clare Paterson, Senior Archivist
  • Moira Rankin, Senior Archivist

Collections Management

  • William Bill, Archive Technician
  • Louisa Coles, Head of Conservation and Preservation
  • Elzbieta Gorska-Wiklo, Preservation Manager
  • Keira McKee, Book Conservator

Collections Metadata

  • Katie McDonald, Archives Cataloguer
  • Sam Maddra, Assistant Archivist (Cataloguing)
  • Kath Roper-Caldbeck, Archives Cataloguer
  • Alex Savva, Cataloguing Assistant

Business & Digital

  • Christopher Cassells, Business Archives Surveying Officer
  • Kiara King, Assistant Archivist (Ballast Trust)
  • Leo Konstantelos, Senior Assistant Archivist (Digital)
  • Emma Yan, Assistant Archivist (Accessions)


  • Claire Daniel, Assistant Archivist (Searchroom & Enquiry Services)
  • Samantha Gilchrist, Senior Library Assistant
  • Sarah Gillies, Stock Assistant
  • Kate Guariento, Archives and Special Collections Assistant 
  • Robert MacLean, Assistant Librarian
  • Paula McKerrow, Stock Assistant
  • Fiona Neale, Senior Library Assistant
  • Catriona Perry, Archives and Special Collections Assistant 
  • Niki Russell, Public Services Manager


  • Peter Asplin
  • Jack Baldwin
  • Pat Lucie
  • Bill Sutherland
  • David Weston