Digitised books, manuscripts and photographs

Medieval manuscripts

Middle English Literature:

Medical manuscripts:

University of Malaga website. NB. you need to register to use this website, then click on the appropriately numbered volume on the image of the bookshelf.

Religious texts:


Other manuscripts

Papyrus fragments



Early printed books

Emblem books

  • French Emblems at Glasgow website for links to 27 digitised 16th century French emblem books (25 of which are from the Stirling Maxwell Collection) in both transcribed and facsimile versions, with introduction and extensive search functionality (University of Glasgow website)
  • Alciato at Glasgow website for links to 22 editions of the emblems of Andrea Alciato (1492-1550), dating from 1531 to 1621, in the original Latin, and in French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions (NB. four of the Alciato editions also feature on the French Emblems at Glasgow site, above) (University of Glasgow website)
  • The Study and Digitisation of Italian Emblem Books for links to 7 digitised 16th century Italian emblem books (University of Glasgow website)

Many digitised early printed books (including some examples supplied from the University of Glasgow) are available via Early English Books Online (EEBO) and Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) - both accessible through the Historical Texts database.

19th century medical books

  • Around 5,000 of our 19th century medical texts (where 'medical' also includes subjects such as surgery, anatomy, physiology, hydrotherapy, phrenology, sanitation, cooking/diet, exercise/fitness, and alchemy) have been digitised and are available through the UK Medical Heritage Library


Other printed material

  • Broadside ballads from Sp Coll Mu23-y.1-4, some with links to audio (University of Glasgow Broadside Ballads website)
  • The Euing Collection black-letter broadside ballads have been digitised and are available to search and view on the English Broadside Ballads website (The collection search within the advanced search option offers Euing as an option in its drop down menu).



  • Hill and Adamson: 1840s, negatives and salt prints produced by renowned Scottish partnership - image database searchable by keyword, subject and location
  • Dougan 105: 1850s, salt prints and waxed paper negatives of Egypt and France - image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 106: 1852-1899, mainly scenes in Italy, some in France - image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 108: 1856-1875, England (mainly north-east) - image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 96: c 1860-1870, photographs of South Asia - image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 101 and Dougan 102: c 1862–c 1871, mainly Amateur Photographic Association images taken in Britain - image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 103 and Dougan 104: 1870s, mainly Australia (particularly New South Wales) – image linked to each item record
  • Dougan 91: 1880-1890s, mainly Scotland and north-east England - image linked to each item record 
  • Dougan 86: 1890s, East Asia (mainly Japan and China) - image linked to each item record
  • 19th century photographs: a selection of images from the Dougan collection (flickr site)
  • James Paterson Museum Archive: includes photographs of paintings by the artist James Paterson (1854-1932), as well as albums of family life and friends - image linked to each item record
  • Whistler Archive: includes photographs of the artist James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903), his family and friends and some of his paintings - image linked to each item record



Images from many of our books may be explored in our virtual exhibitions. There are also illustrations of many sample pages from our medieval manuscripts linked to the descriptions of items available on the collectioons search.