Special Collections items currently on exhibition

Special Collections items currently on exhibition

In the showcase of the foyer of Special Collections on level 12 of the University of Glasgow Library

July - early September 2017

The Glasgow Jewish Institute Players

Drawing on material in the Scottish Theatre Archive, this display highlights one of Scotland's leading amateur companies (active 1930s-1960s). Founder Avrom Greenbaum (1903-1963) was an inspirational director and playwright who combined a passionate commitment to theatre with a full-time job in his family’s tailoring business. Posters, programmes, photographs and correspondence highlight key productions including the 'Watch on the Clyde' and 'Morning Star'.

Display curated by Dr Paul Maloney, Honorary Research Fellow, School of Culture and Creative Arts. One of the outcomes of a research project being undertaken by Queen’s University Belfast in association with the Scottish Theatre Archive, University of Glasgow Library.

On display in the Hunterian Art Gallery

The Truest Mirror of Life: 19th century French Caricatures
8 August 2017 - 21 January 2018

Six examples from the collection of French caricatures held in Special Collections feaure in this exhibition. The display reflects the rising popularity of the genre in 19th century France, and also provides an intimate look at aspects of 19th century Parisian society at a time of great change. The items from Special Collections showcase works by Cham (Charles Amédée de Noé, 1818-79) - one of the most celebrated caricaturists of his day, but now largely a neglected figure. The series shown dates from the period of the Paris Commune, the largest urban insurrection of the 19th century.

External Exhibitions

Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
Frank Quitely: the art of comics
1 April - 1 October 2017

Frank Quitely is the alter ego of Glasgow born artist Vincent Deighan - a world renowned artist famous for iconic characters such as Superman, Batman and the X-Men. This exhibition is the largest collection of his work ever displayed. Find out more from the Kelvingrove website.

Two items from Special Collections are on show: our special hand coloured copy of the first issue of the 'World's first comic' the Glasgow Looking Glass (Sp Coll Bh14-x.8) and one emblem book from our outstanding Stirling Maxwell collection (SM 1903).

Abbotsford, Melrose
Rob Roy on Stage and Screen
22 April - 30 November 2017

The story of the Scottish outlaw and national hero had quite the afterlife in popular culture, and it is this story that will be explored in the exhibition: 'Rob Roy on Stage and Screen.'  Find out how Rob Roy became Scotland's first 'National Play' and, after enthusiasm for adaptations of Scott reached fever pitch in the Victorian period, what happened when twentieth century filmmakers started to distance themselves from his work. Find out more from the Abbotsford House website

Five items from the Scottish Theatre Archive are on show: a leaflet for a production of Rob Roy at the King's Theatre Glasgow with Jimmy Logan as Baillie Nicol Jarvie (STA WAT 27/70); Playbill (STA Mn 1/2) and Commemorative medal (STA Mn 1/8) marking Royal Performance (George IV) of Rob Roy at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, 27 August 1822; Playbill for Rob Roy at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, 5 June 1828 and a 1953 script for The adventures of Rob Roy, or, The highland rogue (STA Js 6/1)