Special Collections items currently on exhibition

Special Collections items currently on exhibition

In the showcase of the foyer of Special Collections on level 12 of the University of Glasgow Library

November-December 2017

Seeing the Reformation: Religion and the Printed Image in Early Modern Europe

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation is one of the most contested events in European history, one whose legacies we are still living with today. Luther and his followers were adept at using the visual image to advance their ideas, especially in printed material. Other Reformers were more suspicious of visual images. They preferred a plainer approach that emphasised the written and spoken word of God. The danger was idolatry, worshipping false images instead of God. In various European countries, including Scotland and England, we see evidence of iconoclasm, the destruction of ‘false’ religious images like statues, paintings, and stained glass windows. Yet as this exhibition shows, images are never completely rejected: they retain a central, if contested, place in Reformed printed culture.

Display and digital exhibition curated by Dr Adrian Streete, University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer in English Literature 1500-1780.

On display in the Hunterian Art Gallery

The Truest Mirror of Life: 19th century French Caricatures
8 August 2017 - 21 January 2018

Six examples from the collection of French caricatures held in Special Collections feaure in this exhibition. The display reflects the rising popularity of the genre in 19th century France, and also provides an intimate look at aspects of 19th century Parisian society at a time of great change. The items from Special Collections showcase works by Cham (Charles Amédée de Noé, 1818-79) - one of the most celebrated caricaturists of his day, but now largely a neglected figure. The series shown dates from the period of the Paris Commune, the largest urban insurrection of the 19th century.

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