Picture of the main university campus building

College/School Integrity Champions and Advisers 

College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences

Research Integrity Champions

Prof Andrew Roe
Professor of Molecular Microbiology (Bacteriology)

Research Integrity Advisers

Prof Roman Biek
Research Director
School of Biodiversity, One Health & Veterinary Medicine

Prof Gareth Inman
Research Director
School of Cancer Sciences

Prof Colin Berry
Research Director 
School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health

Dr Kathleen Boyd
Research Director
School of Health and Wellbeing 

Prof Rick Maizels
Research Director
School of Infection & Immunity 

Prof Bridget Johnston
Research Director
School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing

Dr Ian Salt
Senior Lecturer
School of Molecular Biosciences

Prof Lawrence Barsalou>
School of Psychology and Neuroscience

College of Science & Engineering

Research Integrity Champions

Prof Matthew Chalmers 
Professor of Computer Science

Research Integrity Advisers

Prof Todd Ehlers
Head of School
School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

Prof Sonja Franke-Arnold
Professor (Physics and Astronomy)
School of Physics and Astronomy

Prof Justin Hargreaves
Head of School
School of Chemistry

Prof Simon Gay
Head of School
School of Computing Science

Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez
Head of School
School of Engineering

Prof Nigel Mottram
Head of School
School of Mathematics & Statistics

Prof Fin Stuart
Director of SUERC
Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

Dr Douglas Morrison
Reader SUERC
Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

College of Social Sciences

Research Integrity Champion

Prof Denis Fischbacher-Smith
Research Chair in Risk and Resilience

Research Integrity Advisers

Prof Nick Watson
Chair of Disability Studies (Sociology)
School of Social and Political Sciences  

Prof Nicki Hedge
Professor of People, Place & Social Change
School of Education 

Prof George Pavlakos
Professor of Law and Philosophy
School of Law 

Dr Alistair Hunter
Senior Lecturer Health and Social Policy 
School of Social and Environmental Sustainability 

Prof Sabina Siebert
Professor of Management
Adam Smith Business School

Dr Michelle McGachie
Urban Studies

College of Arts

Research Integrity Champions

Prof Nigel Leask
Regius Chair of English Language and Literature


Research Integrity Advisers

Dr Dahlia Porter
Senior Lecturer (English Literature)
School of Critical Studies

Dr Erin Jessee
LKAS Research Fellow (History)
School of Humanities 

Dr Christa Roodt
Lecturer in Art Law and Business
School of Culture and Creative Arts

Dr Elwira Grossman
Lecturer in Polish and Comparative Literature
School of Modern Languages and Cultures