• Please hang up your coat, or any other outer garment if wet, on the stand provided at the entrance - coats should not be worn in the searchroom. As the searchroom is kept cool (so that the documents do not suffer a large jump in temperature when they are brought out of storage), you may want to bring a jumper to put on.
  • Lockers are provided for bags larger than 20x30 centimetres.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off.
  • Please sign the Visitor Book each day you visit.
  • Conversations should be kept to a minimum.
  • Smoking is prohibited, as also is the consumption of food and drink (except in the designated coffee room). This includes chewing gum and sweets.
  • You will need to bring a pencil for filling out order slips. Only pencils and computers may be used for taking notes. The use of scanning devices is forbidden.
  • No material may be removed from the Reading Room.

Requesting material

  • Please note that not all material is available on demand. In order to view certain items, such as those subject to restrictions, especially large or heavy items, or a whole collection, please ask the Duty Archivist.
  • Sometimes an item is temporarily unavailable because it is: being used by another reader; in an exhibition; being copied; at conservation.
  • A request slip must be clearly filled in for each item requested. To avoid delays in the retrieval of items it is essential that the reference number is written accurately. Slips when completed should be handed to the Searchroom Assistant.
  • By signing the slip you are assuming responsibility for that item until it is returned to the Searchroom Desk.

Handling material

Copying material

  • All photocopying of material in the care of the Department is done by our staff.
  • Digital photography is permitted.  Download the Visitor Pack .
  • Please note that the physical condition of an item or current copyright law may prohibit any copying.
  • Further information on copying.